The Observer; The BMD has become a political nuisance

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 05 July 2017   |   By Simon Gabathuse
The Observer; The BMD has become a political nuisance

The only thing that the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) has been able to attain since the untimely death of its great and humble leader is the status of the most nonsensical party in Botswana. You will just never know what the BMD offers beyond bright party colours and internal bickering. Beyond these two trade marks is a tagline of assassination plots known only by the BMD itself. The BMD never reports these assassination plots on their leaders. The more the BMD refuses to report these claims, the moreit becomes difficult not to see through what the BMD is truly made of. Worse enough, those who are supposed to be leaders at the BMD seem to believe these conspiracy theories. The BMD has been left rooted in the year 2014 while the nation has moved on. The BMD is doing its best in its first class political nuisance position. When the BMD lost the mighty Gomolemo Motswaledi, it peddled allegations that hewas assassinated, and the insinuations were that the state was behind that. All upright citizens know by now that, this was all hogwash. Those who postured to know more blamed one of the local opposition parties for the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi. They used a constituency being at stake as some sort of reasoning. They even went tribalistic to mention in their dark corners that some leaders from one local opposition party were from a tribe that is more than skilled in witchcraft.  Some within the BMD inner circles, or special members as they like to call themselves, insinuated that the plot to assassinate Motswaledi came within the BMD itself as some source of power struggle. Stories have been peddled around as to whom the car Motswaledi was driving belonged to. Crazy allegations have been thrown around. The BMD knows only one thing; political nuisance. 

All these allegations are thrown by none other than the BMD itself. When the BMD seems to be at peace with itself, which is quite rare if you ask me, it moves to peddling assassination rumours against its leaders. When the BMD loses peace within itself, as it often happens, it moves to one faction blaming the other faction of planning to assassinating their leader. This is political nuisance, I apologise that there is no better way to describe it except to refer to it to be exactly what it is; political nuisance. The nation still waits for report of Motswaledi’s death that has been promised by the same BMD when they asked the nation to contribute to a fund for the purpose. There has been conflicting statements from inside the BMD. When it suits the BMD, they proclaim that the investigation is still on-going. They also get into a self-destructive mood that they will issue the report towards the 2019 General Elections. Another lie. It has become so fashionable at the BMD to lie to the nation without shame. When put into a tight corner, they mention that they will release the report once the Segametsi Mogomotsi report is released. They are acting funny and stupid as if the Segametsi Mogomotsi report was funded by public donations. They also forget that the Segametsi Mogomotsi’s death was not through some empty allegations blamed on the state. The insinuations and allegations around Segametsi Mogomotsi, as in many other non-political people who have disappeared mysteriously and later found with body parts missing are that they were killed for witchcraft purposes. When it does not suit them they shout at whoever is demanding the report that such a person should provide their deposit slip so they could be refunded. Worse enough, this is being said by leaders of the BMD, a party that shouts the need for accountability, yet is unable to exercise that within. I remain unmoved that the proclamation of the BMD leadership that those demanding the report should submit their deposit slips is a simple way of saying they will not be any accountability. Not only that there will not be any accountability, but that, there shall never be. We have said it before in this space that such arrogance is devoid of the humility of the late mighty Gomolemo Motswaledi and such arrogance stands out clearly against everything he stood for. The mighty Gomolemo Motswaledi never stood for nor embraced political nuisance. 

Accountability begins at home, it it fails at home, it cannot be expected to take effect at national governance. Now that is a problem. If the BMD, a political party that aspires to one day lead a nation, cannot account for simple funds donated for a specific purpose, it becomes impossible to assume that the BMD shall have the capacity to account for state coffers. The BMD also has another mesmirising talent. When they are fighting amongst themselves, something they do the most, and with such skill and experience, one faction will blame the other faction for having embezzled the monies donated for the purposes of the Gomolemo Motswaledi’s death and enquiry. When it suits them, the BMD has the nerve to within themselves, accuse each other of the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi and labelling some of their own members, activists and even leaders as agents and spies. They know how to explain economic lifestyles of others and accuse those who are working hard for themselves and their families to be beneficiaries of blood money. This is a typical example of those accustomed to blaming others for their misfortunes, or rather, not misfortunes, but rather for having failed to be meaningful. This is political nuisance. The BMD has successfully peddled that it has a security unit, and an intelligence unit, and all the kinds of things that lunatics and paranoia people always want to be viewed to have. But the BMD also is unable to hold constitutional assemblies such as; Youth League Congress, Policy Forum and struggles even to be in a position to confidently say it will have an Elective Congress. There have also been suggestions that BMD is struggling to pay office rent, telephone lines, staff salaries, utility bills and to simply own a party car. Yet the BMD proclaims to have some security unit and an intelligent unit. One can only wonder why those who pay for the costs of a security unit and an intelligence unit are not able to pay for all the necessary costs to make the BMD have a space where it can call a comfortable office. The way the BMD sounds and looks, confused as it appears, is that of a man who is visibly shaken and scared yet telling you to be calm and collected within a prevailing dangerous storm. The BMD has moved from fooling the nation into fooling itself.  The BMD has become a true definition of political nuisance. 

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