In defence of Duma Boko 

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 August 2017   |   By Mohammed Khan 
In defence of Duma Boko 

Nothing better than the truth in a world full of hypocrisy, traitors, and self-seeking individuals. It is the democratic right of any member of the Botswana National Front (BNF) when one wants to criticise it's leader or leaders but that should only at appropriate fora. My comrade president, remain calm. These attacks on your person will escalate as we travel this road to victory. Continue being diplomatic and tactful in your responses to such attacks. I will not be diplomatic nor tactful. My name is Comrade Mohammed Puo Phaa Khan and I will shoot from the hip - straight talk! And here is what the truth is – there is a clandestine plot to cause instability within opposition orchestrated and sponsored by the BDP. The best and easiest approach to destroying a force threatening to defeat you politically is to use the political strategy of divide and rule – cause a United force to be divided and without doubt, the most instrumental approach would be to adopt the psychological devious plot of power play. This method is used on the weak minds of people gullible to believing that they are better than others to lead or that a person who is a leader is so flawed that it would be a great mistake to stand by him or support him to a higher office. This plot is being effected on the current UDC President! Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone.  No-one is flawless and no-one can say that your sin is more than another's.  This is what the BDP is doing – creating enemies within so that the UDC embarks on a path of self-destruction. They make themselves 'friends' to some of us, even showing strong sympathy to our cause toward a change of government or making us believe that we need a strong opposition. They make us their slaves mentally – that's all I see in idiots that want to destabilise the UDC.  

There is a proper forum to debate discuss and criticise, but these fools are so bought out by the BDP plot to destabilise the UDC through a leadership battle that their brains are no longer where they should be. You want a platform to battle it out, bring it on. I don't care who you are. You cannot and will not destroy the people's project. You who speak in tongues sponsored by the devil be warned –  this revolution cannot be stopped we will crush you with your BDP friends. We are fed up with this satanic government and its lackeys within the UDC and we shall prevail – we know you. Stop your nonsense! We have our leader; game over. We don't want you to tell us there is anyone better. There isn't period – all of us have our strengths and weaknesses. None of us is ideal, but we need each other we compliment other. Where one has shortcomings another fills that space. We have leaders who are politicians, ceremonial, technocrats, administrators, advisors, organisers, foot soldiers etc. And we have the different class/groups of civil society workers, middle class, religious groups, farmers, etc. We need all in harmony to make the mechanism of the revolution achieve the objective and we shall not be deterred by individuals seeking to destroy this project by purposefully slandering the leader from within the UDC through social media. I say purposefully because those that write know how and where to address their grievances or criticism. But they purposefully use social media; that clandestine plot to oust Boko and to be replace him with one other from within will not work comrades.  It's a non-starter .... Viva the Royal Blue Revolution... No retreat no surrender!

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