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Boko, UDC did not receive P200 000 – Hunyepa 

SHARE   |   Monday, 11 September 2017   |   By Justin Hunyepa
Boko, UDC did not receive P200 000 – Hunyepa 

Neither the Botswana National Front (BNF), Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) nor President Duma Boko received P200 000 or any such amounts for the May 2017 Tlokweng by-elections. Some media houses, seemingly with ulterior motives, have been peddling these untruths without even a blink of shame. To them, a lie, if constantly repeated, becomes the truth. The same media houses have the audacity to publish such untruths without even giving the subject of their story the opportunity to state their side of the story. BNF reaffirms its support and respect to self-regulation and free press. This, however, does not mean we will accept or tolerate fictitious stories, put forward as factual. We call upon the said media houses to substantiate their allegations with evidence of such transactions.  This, they owe, not only to us but to their readers and the public at large. The other propaganda has to do with the imagined divided loyalty of some leaders, the youth league, in particular. BNF has confidence in all its structures and will not allow external influences to mess up this relationship. The sustained speculation that some of the party's structures are due to decamp to a purported new party is nothing but mischievous attempt to destabilise the movement. The BNF members have gone through several challenging phases over the years since its formative years and have learnt their lessons. Any possible defection from the party would be isolated and shunned in the usual manner and will bear insignificant consequences for the party but will be damning to the defectors. Together with other UDC affiliates, BNF is marching forward with the same vigour and resilience necessary for a revolutionary mission. While appreciating the right of every individual to seek or shift political home we are however confident that nothing of that sort, especially    at the alleged rate, is in the offing on our side. Finally, The BNF has full confidence that the UDC National Executive will resolve the BMD current problem and all is being done to expedite that. The BNF was formed to unite opposition parties and it will do its best to achieve that dream and help free Batswana from the painful and ruthless BDP misrule and mismanagement. The BNF strongly believes in its 2016 Congress theme which is religiously pursued up to 2019: “Ensuring Unity Now and UDC Victory in 2019”.

Justin Hunyepa

BNF Publicity Secretary