Someone sleeping on the job at WUC 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 10 October 2017   |   By Eddie Mdluli

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) is at it again. Jackalas No 1 and the surrounding areas are again suffering from extreme water shortage. This is a repeat of a few months ago when taps ran dry with residents told that some pipes were being replaced. Water was restored after about five weeks. However, it has now dried up again. It has been almost a month with no supply. There has been no word from WUC, and this has left us wondering if the pipes are still being replaced or repaired. This in my view is taking people for granted. We will assume someone is lazy and sleeping on his job. That person must be shown the door immediately as a lot of capable people are out there jobless. WUC should communicate with affected communities through Kgotla meetings on any such crisis and not wait for the Minister or MP who are most of the time overwhelmed by work. People need to know why their taps are running dry when they are surrounded by dams that are full of water. I urge WUC CEO to keep a close eye at his North East District office which covers among others Jackalas No1. There is a serious issue of service delivery in this area. The next thing people will start blaming Rre Butale - our MP - yet it is just a few incompetent individuals who don’t have the guts to tell the people why WUC cannot provide residents with water. This should be treated with the seriousness and urgency it deserves before it hurts more people. People are not happy and ought to be listened to.

Eddie Mdluli

Jackalas No. 1