Zimbabweans deserve economic prosperity 

SHARE   |   Monday, 27 November 2017   |   By Nelson Ramaotwana
Zimbabweans deserve economic prosperity 

The BNF has a historical foreign policy of non-alignment when it comes to international disputes. The policy of non-alignment must not be confused with neutrality. The BNF will never be neutral on issues concerning human rights and political liberty of the members of the global village. Neutrality is not part of our political DNA. In discussing matters that impact on the lives of the people of Zimbabwe, we do so objectively without aligning with any of the political factions in Zimbabwe, be there in the opposition or ruling party. We simply align our debate with the objective truth and taking into consideration the needs and aspirations of the majority of people of Zimbabwe. From the onset, the BNF makes it clear that it does not support military junta or military coup anywhere in the global village. That is a general principle espoused by SADC, AU and the United Nations. We also espouse same values of anti-military coup. However, to every general rule or principle, there is an exception. What is the exception in Zimbabwe? Upon realizing that the people of Zimbabwe were boiling to the limit and pregnant with fires of revolution, the Zimbabwean Defence Force (ZDF) managed the crisis by creating an enabling environment to allow members of the ruling ZANU-PF, opposition parties, Civil society and the ordinary people of Zimbabwe to work together to resolve the political impasse in Zimbabwe. For the first time the opposition parties and the ruling party spoke with one voice due to peace and serenity brought about by the ZDF. In Parliament both sides of the aisle spoke with one voice and agreed on the way forward. Had it not been the ZDF, such a political feat would have been a political mirage. Had it not been the ZDF, the anger directed towards comrade Robert Mugabe could have resulted in violent protests and several losses of lives. 

We are not under the illusion that the resignation of comrade Mugabe will beget a New Jerusalem overnight. We know that the policies espoused by Mugabe are still intact. We also hope that comrade Emerson Mnangagwa will learn from past mistakes to avoid recurring of same in the future. We hope comrade Mnangagwa is fully aware that Zimbabwean people want a better and economically prosperous Zimbabwe. We applaud the ZDF for ensuring that during the political impasse no lives were lost and no property was damaged. We also applaud the people who staged a massive demonstration on Friday (17/11/2017) without damaging property. That should become the norm rather than the exception. We also applaud comrade Mugabe for relinquishing power without spilling bloodshed to retain same. As we condemn comrade Mugabe for rigging elections in 2008, the BDP must introspect seriously and asks itself questions; why the Electronic Voting machines (EVM), was fast-tracked if it was not for rigging elections in Botswana. Why in this modern day and age, political funding is not promoted in Botswana? Why is it that our Parliamentary debates are not aired on Botswana National television (commonly christened BDPTV) unlike in Zimbabwe? Why is it that the response by Leader of Opposition to President Khama’s SONA is not aired on BTV or BDPTV? Is Botswana a democracy or autocracy or monocracy? We call upon the incoming Interim President of Zimbabwe, comrade Mnangagwa to treat all Zimbabwean equal regardless of their political affiliation or political viewpoints. We hope the newly found peace will be utilized to create jobs for Zimbabweans and turn around the economy of Zimbabwe to attract those in the diaspora to go back home and participate in reconstructing the economy.

Yours in struggle

Nelson Ramaotwana

BNF Secretary for International Affairs