Real Alternative Party formed

SHARE   |   Monday, 22 January 2018   |   By Gaontebale Mokgosi
Real Alternative Party formed

 “We are a newly registered political party in the name of Real Alternative Party (RAP/ The Alternatives) in Botswana.  Real Alternative Party is a pro-socialism party, seeking to advance the economic justice agenda with the aim to eradicate the social discrepancies, create a just social order, and ensure social security for its citizens. RAP commits itself to building a formidable opposition to the anti-capitalist policies and agenda of neo-liberalism. RAP further commits itself to bring groups otherwise excluded from power into the decision making process and guard against elitism and its attitude of dominance. The basis of forming the Real Alternative Party has been contradictions relating to sheer poverty and the quality of workers social existence. We exist to unfold the contradiction, loss, despair and disconnect from the everyday meanings of life in search for better alternatives towards happy life for all in Botswana. We are challenging the accepted pattern of economic and political relations in Botswana. Furthermore the coming into birth of RAP has been necessitated by political incompetency in the existing political parties, whose power is solely vested in narrow elites. The scenario of elitism has time and again led into conflicts and the fight for power within the opposition block, conversely resulting into disappointment and frustration of Batswana. As a result RAP has been formed not to perpetuate the status quo but instead to be different in approach and strategy.
The Real Alternative Party is a distinctive revolutionary alternative party whose people struggle that all people may be equal in production, in consumption, in the community, in the courts, in the schools, in social activity, in government and indeed in every sphere of life. RAP provides a political armor for a new generation of revolutionary activists. Our struggle is based on economic grounds such as; jobs, living wage, housing, prices, transportation, arts, common land and social bond. We take our inspiration from indigenous ideas of the good and proper life. Our political concept is an eruption founded on the principle that people should be able to enjoy everything in life and from life, without being fettered or limited by any system. AP is a movement of people that owes no allegiance to any system but only to itself. Being the underprivileged, the workless, the oppressed and dispossessed without representation at the political level, we are searching for new means to become the master and not servant of anyone. We have resolved to stop shirking responsibility and have started to assume responsibility. We are evolving our own strategy and tactics, not trying to fit into any preconceived pattern, using each and every method of moral persuasion.
We have learnt that our chief weakness is the lack of political power and thus we derive inspiration from one of the Greatest African philosophers, Hon. Marcus Garvey who succinctly posited that; “there is always a turning point in the destiny of all peoples, and we have come now to the turning point of the poor, where we have changed from the old cringing weakling, and transformed into full-grown men, demanding our portion in the decision making structure.” We have seen the need to organize ourselves as we grow in numbers, to challenge the corrupt powers that be. We refuse to be labeled as the; out of school, school - dropouts, informal traders, casual - labourers, low wage workers, destitute and all other derogatory labels. We have learnt and we continue to learn every day that the old established political parties offer no solution to our problems. The old parties have reached the end of the political road, they cannot re-invent themselves. Frankly, the old parties are in crisis and decay, hence the existence of the Real Alternative Party.   
The RAP struggle is a political struggle to take political power out of the hands of the few and put it into the hands of the many. We have decided to journey the revolutionary road. We are ready to jeopardize our economic and social status. Our political thinking is ‘Power to the People’.We have woken up from the illusionary slumber of delegating the elites to fight for our freedom. We are tired and fed – up of being colonized by the rhetoric and eloquence of leadership of old parties. We are fed-up with investing elite politicians with power and then putting pressure on them to deal out justice to the oppressed and dispossessed. Our agenda is clearly a question of investing the underprivileged with power! This is the inevitable operation mechanic of RAP.”
For and on behalf of the party,

Brother Chairman Gaontebale Mokgosi
Real Alternative Party (RAP)