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BMD on constituencies

SHARE   |   Monday, 22 January 2018   |   By Adv Sidney Pilane
BMD on constituencies

The entry of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) into the UDC was a negotiated one. The terms on which the BCP became a member of the UDC were negotiated by the 4 streams which had been set up for the purpose. Each of the 4 parties had equal representation on each stream. One of the streams divided the 57 constituencies among the four parties in accordance with formulae agreed by the stream; taking into account the number the particular party felt it could manage in terms of financial resources it can raise. The BCP got 17 constituencies, the BMD 14, the BNF 22 and the BPP four. We wanted only 14 because, given our resource base, we thought that was the number we could manage. It was not because we thought the BCP and BNF should get more as there is no reason for that as all four parties the members of the UDC are equal within the UDC and enjoy equal rights. I do not know whether it is a question of the ownership of constituencies, but that is the loose language that people use. Batho fa ba bua bare "BCP e filwe 17 constituencies; dikgaolo tse 17 ke tsa BCP!" Mo ke sekai fela. Similarly, batho bare "BMD e filwe 14 constituencies, tse 14 ke tsa BMD". So in that sense, we own 14 constituencies within the UDC arrangement. Nobody, not the UDC nor anyone else, is going to tell us how to deal with our constituencies, and nobody is going to vet our candidates ka seo ga re ise re se bue ra se dumalana. UDC is an umbrella, an electoral arrangement; ga e laole diphathi ene ga e tseele diphathi ditshwetso in respect of ditsa yona. Let us be clear about this. Noka e tlatswa ke melatswana. UDC ke noka, the four parties ke melatswana. The only entitlement UDC has is to ask BMD, indeed each of the four parties, to deliver on its constituencies and wards. BMD will, I promise. We asked only for 14 constituencies ka re ne re batla go itekanya morwalo so we deliver; re ne re sa re we are smaller than anybody else. Ke a nne ke bona dipampiri di kwadile gore bangwe ba iseng MaBMD ba ya go ema mo dikgaolong dingwe tsa BMD. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. If any party within the UDC wants any of our constituencies, they must approach us and negotiate an exchange. We are not giving away any constituency and we are not giving away any ward. Fa o le mopalamente kgotsa o le mokhanselara wa BMD, kgaolo le kgaolwana ya gago ke ya BMD. O go ngokang are o tlogele BMD o ye ko phathing ya gagwe o tlaa tsamaya le kgaolo kgotsa le kgaolwana, o ya go hora; ga go kitla go dirafala. BMD is strong, e nale batho, and we have strong candidates who will run in all our constituencies and in all our wards. Bagaetsho tlhe re lapisiwa ke go nyadiwa.
Adv Sidney Pilane
The BMD President