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'We are innocent' - Kgori Capital

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 March 2018   |   By Kgori Capital
'We are innocent' - Kgori Capital

The Board and Management of Kgori Capital are truly saddened by an unfounded legal matter now making its way into the public domain. A number of inaccuracies are being shared that are bordering on malice. While we continue to respond with the relevant legal recourse, we wish to share key clarifications here, refusing to accept any further efforts to tarnish our business reputation.
A current matter now before the courts - in which Kgori Capital was sub-contracted to provide fund management services and earned fund management fees is being questioned - is being addressed. While we do not believe it necessary to go into tremendous detail, it must be explicitly stated that no criminal charges have been brought against Kgori Capital or its current Directors. Any suggestion to the contrary would be malintent. The matter is one based on speculation and misinterpretation of a consultancy agreement, with a clear lack of consideration for all the facts and documented evidence.
It is unfortunate that such matters are forced into the public space with no real appreciation for the implications when handled poorly. We remain confident the court will deal with this matter appropriately once all the relevant documentation has been submitted to them. The Board and Management of Kgori Capital commit to keeping all our clients and our key stakeholders informed of further related developments as we become aware of them regarding this issue. Should any of our valued stakeholders wish to discuss this matter further, please contact the Managing Director, Mr. Alphonse Ndzinge, on 399 2404 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will aim to provide any further clarity where we can, cognisant of not interfering with legal proceedings. Kgori Capital remains committed to serving Batswana and Botswana as a leading home-grown Asset Management firm.