'Khama has brought our nation to its knees'

SHARE   |   Monday, 12 March 2018   |   By Chedza Mogae
'Khama has brought our nation to its knees'

My fellow Batswana, I find myself compelled to write to you, not in my journalistic guise, but in my personal capacity as a Motswana, who is more than concerned, more than saddened and more than disgusted with the Botswana Democratic Party and the incessant looting we all know is going on and that we can see. Most people assume Democracy to be the best form of government, and it has that potential. For it to work however, it takes the participation and commitment of a nations’ citizenry. I ask you, how many of you voted last election? How many of you bothered to find out about the parties running in your constituency and what they stand for and their record in parliament? How many of you looked at the individual candidates and how many of you didn’t? I can tell you that answer right now... not enough, not many. And you know I’m not lying, why? Because truth has a cadence, a rhythm and we all know it when we hear it. The Khama-led government has essentially brought our nation to its knees. Politically, where honest debate and discussion can cost people their livelihoods and in some cases their lives. And yes, though I can’t prove it, I know it. Murderers walk openly among us, yet we hail them, bow and scrape to them, like they are national heroes, while they literally destroy all that was accomplished before them and any chances for a prosperous future as well. And instead of standing our ground and demanding justice, we’ve allowed ourselves to be cowed. Letting the Outsa Mokones, the Shike Olsens, the Dick Bayfords, the Joao Salbanys and our journalists, those not in the employ of the current dispensation, those with an actual commitment to the truth, to take the heat. We walk among traitors on a daily basis.

Some have joined the looters at the trough quite openly, others have literally sold their souls, but in this we are all guilty, we are complicit because we’ve remained silent when it mattered, we’ve not stood up for those who’ve been victim to discrimination, indecency and violence - because poverty is the worst form of violence, when and where our fellow countrymen can not afford to feed their own children. Instead we’ve let Sir Seretse’s first born, a man with two 0’level qualifications and not really a true Sandhurst graduate turn this country over to his friends, similarly unqualified to run a nation, rather ruin this nation because they haven’t the slightest appreciation of the global political economy, how it operates and functions, how to be navigate it on behalf of the people of this nation. They only know how to build themselves multi-million dollar homes with accompanying airstrips that they will soon furnish and garner with privately owned planes and helicopters for their own personal use. Bought with government reserves, special funds etc. Not money they’ve worked for but helped themselves to, your future, mine and your children’s. What I don’t understand is why you remain silent, why not show them, by putting down whatever you are doing and walking silently to Parliament en masse. With dignity, no violence, no shouting, but with placards telling them enough is enough? Step down or we will remove you. No more half-truths and evasions. Refuse to go to work, to do their bidding until they answer all of our questions. Demand investigation of all implicated parties, and their immediate resignations. You’re thinking is she crazy? The country would come to a standstill, but let me ask you this, has it not already. Ask Minister Matambo why he laughs when Boko and Gaolathe talk about job creation and raising government salaries. The man responsible for the public purse, who joked in a budget speech about MPs not knowing what ESP is/was, who defended the ‘dip’ into government reserves. Who did nothing to stop the buying of unnecessary jets, whom had never stood for an elected position... he’s best placed to know, why do Boko and Gaolathe’s remarks illicit mockery from him? Well, he’s in the position to know if there’s any money left or if there isn’t, which is what I suspect.

My fellow countrymen, is there actually anything left to govern? Why can’t we walk about in broad daylight safely, with all the monies given DIS. Why has crime sky-rocketed? Petty theft, rape, robbery and assault? How much remains of government and other pension funds. Why are investors not allowed in? Our malls indicate that we are simply an economic province of RSA. It’s time for communities to move themselves in their own self-defense. Lest like me, you become a member of the diaspora, unable to find work here at home; an economic and political refugee. I call for non-violent civil action and a countrywide stay away from work straight after Masisi’s inauguration unless he immediately suspends implicated officials, institutes the several needed Presidential Commissions of Inquiry, a halt to the proposed use of the EVM next election, the end of automatic succession and constitutional reform mechanisms with a timetable and mandate to return power to the people by legalizing the authority of parliament over the executive and ensuring that the legislature can hold the executive, especially the President to account. Give him a week, maybe two, but show BDP who really owns this country. And that that is you. I’m not a civil activist, but it’s desperation that forces me to make this call. Those who want to lead us in future, must lead from now, from this very moment. But this time let them not be on their own. Let’s actually stand united and proud. Not while members of the current dispensation trip over themselves to give Khama more cattle than the other, one gave 10, I hear another is giving him 85? Don’t worry, he can afford it, his friendship with the top dog has made him wealthy. While the average Motswana struggles to put meat on the table even once a week. Cry the Beloved Country. The balls in our court now! There is so much more that needs to be said, these are just initial thoughts, but I thought to share them with you in the hope it would to stimulate open honest debate and action.
Yours always,
Chedza Mogae