AP members attack Boko

SHARE   |   Monday, 19 March 2018   |   By Ras Manxo
AP members attack Boko

Today came and went. I must commend Hon. Gaolathe for acting with tremendous vigour and decisiveness , to provide leadership to the nation at this moment of moral crisis. I must say im very disappointed with some members of parliament including the leader of opposition who shot down this motion choosing secrecy over transparency. I wish to address a few issues raised by these naysayers. The Public Accounts Committee mandate which is already in place by way of a recent resolution of the house , will be discharged within the context of the discharge of Parliament's function of the scrutiny of the executive arm of Government , and what findings and recommendations will arise therefrom , would still require the political will of a morally hamstrung Government to execute, a scenario least likely to occur under the current circumstances. A most likely Worse case scenario , is that the recommendations of the PAC, would in all probability remain unimplemented in a beautiful parliamentary report , as past experience bears testament. While not discounting the efficacy of the parliametary scrutiny process , the ugly spectare of corruption allegations that threaten the moral authority of the BDP government , which allegations further raise a possible spectare of criminal infractions by perpetrators at the highest levels of Government , require the special benefit of the historic inquiry process being presided over amongst others , retired judges, an inquiry latitude specially afforded by the Commissions of Inquiry Act Cap 05:02 .
This foregoing latitude is not availed by a parliamentary committee process , and would extend to the nation the additional benefit of the appointment of Commissioners with special experience in adjudication of complex legal principles , and hair splitting analysis of factual circumstances , particularly suited for an inquiry into what appears to be an intricate criminal scheme to defraud a public revenue fund , prosecuted with rare and far reaching cunning across several jurisdictions, by shrewd technocrats , cunning political elites aided by greedy white collar corporate practioners.The judicial commission of inquiry would have the additional benefit of being conducted in public , affording the nation an insight into the sordid linen of powerful national leaders in reckless dereliction of their oath of office.To this extent , justice will most likely be served , with a greater likelihood of the recommendations of the inquiry being implemented by the President as the head of the Executive Arm of Government. The findings of the Commission of Inquiry will in terms of provisions of the Act , be finally submitted to the President , thrusting the ball in his court , to demonstrate decisiveness in the war against an emerging culture of corruption that threatens to relegate the legacy of our illustrious political forebears , into the proverbial "dust -bin"of history.
*Dr Phenyo Butale is MP for Gaborone Central

Stop blocking the truth
This kind of miscalculated action by LOO will only be supported by his hangers-on and sycophants with desperate attempts to endear themselves to him. The larger community of people tired of corrupt practices of the ruling party surely support the motion. They not only support it but understand the ends sought by the motion in its spirit and purpose. The technicalities, based on the assertion that Khama could be implicated are but a fallacious attempt to obscure the truth from revealing. We have been reading with our eyes open how these funds have changed hands and institutions. Some opposition celebrities are beneficiaries, having enjoyed sponsored relationships from certain institutions. The ilk is similar and has teamed up a defense that includes blackmailing prosecutors in the ongoing court case, to drop charges or include Kgosi and Khama etc. This is their only hope out of their misdemeanor. This reactionary approach has transformed into a scapegoat used that the President cannot investigate himself. It is law that the President appoints commissions of inquiry and mind you, the President is the custodian of both public funds and the constitution. We may differ but such responsibility is bestowed upon him by the same constitution that put LOO in the podium earlier today to speak in his capacity as LOO. Boko has not challenged that status quo and it surprises that he attempts to squeeze in an argument based on institutional statecraft and the hypothesis that Khama was unlikely to investigate himself. It is the same constitution, same institution that directs how judges get appointed. The modus operandi is that upon appointment, independence follows and the judges take such oath not to be partial. A commission of enquiry retains the same integrity. To argue otherwise is mere pontification and under the circumstances a desperate attempt to exterminate the aspirations of Batswana to have a review of the NPF. Let the truth unfold. What are people fearing?

Ras Manxo Speaking