Getting gender equality all wrong

SHARE   |   Monday, 26 March 2018   |   By Rebecca Keeme
Getting gender equality all wrong

It has come to my senses that there is an imbalance that we are creating as a global society unaware, such an imbalance that will undo every hard work ever put into all women and girls in the name of empowerment. Women have always been at the center of empowerment in the recent years, be it economically or any other form of civilization. We have seen governments and organizations pouring their hearts out with funds to invest and support a girl child, leaving no place for a boy child to fend. At the top of these events is ‘gender-equality.’ We are empowering girls to rise with confidence and discover their full potential, to become anything there can ever be. These young women are instilled with a belief that they can do whatever thing a man can do, they can assume any role of leadership despite their nature. While the theory is entirely true, there is a gap that we are leaving for other generations after us.  My reliance is that a field that is planted two different crops need the same amount of care and dedication and the parallel amount of water and sunshine, for a balanced produce.  We cannot be focusing on women alone, where does that leave men?
These incomparable men are the same men we will require total morality from, the same men we wish to act responsibly on issues of welfare and family yet we have not invested in any form the ditto amount of expectation in them. We are propagating an imbalanced society by empowering women alone.

Men, especially, are the ones we should empower in life. In a patriarchal world where much is required from a man, why offer so little to such a species that holds the seed of life? If we are going to make discussion forums to brainstorm on ways to better this life, I say we put men forward. They need every lesson and detail on reformation.  It is men that we need to grow in wisdom and confidence. In doing that we are directly dealing with dominant worrying issues such as rape, murder and Family negligence. When you teach a man who he is, empowering him, you are cultivating in him a facet that will help him assume his natural roles without fear. You are raising a capable man full of virtue and honor. The resolution for many social ills of this world lies in taking men empowerment seriously and matching the standard with that which we give women. It is every government’s role to equip its nation, especially men.  These are the people who will make the world a better place when they are home being fathers to their kids, and when they know how to respect women as complimenting their nature.  Let us all advocate for men empowerment as we do for women, it is equally important.

By Rebecca Keeme