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BDP Women's Wing must just shut up!

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 May 2018   |   By Omang Kilano

We thank the BDP Women’s wing for finally speaking against mysogyny as the country's patriarchy princesses. These women belong to the ruling party and they haven't been vocal on the following issues because the perpetrators of such are one of their own.

The BDP Women’s wing was minimal on a very disturbing case of which one of their Councillor molested and impregnated a 16 year old. Some of these women defended the perpetrator. Just 3 days ago a Nurse was raped at her work place in Ext 2 Clinic. The BDP Women’s wing was quite for it involved negligence of their government on its workers.  Few weeks ago there was the Rasesa issue and the BDP Women’s league was quite. There was a young girl who was undressed by people at station we didnt hear from the BDP women.


There has been recent reports of low earning women who work at Supermarkets that we all know sponsor BDP, the women get raped after work because the BDP Women’s league who are closer to the powers that be and some in power themselves have failed to speak or suggest that these ladies be dropped at home after the supermarkets they work at close late at night.

There are many cases of child molestation, rape and sexual abuse in rural Botswana where the BDP is dominant and this is where we need opinions of the BDP Women’s league. Last month when workers(mostly ladies) of your biggest sponsor were on strike about their low wages you were quite. A female journalist from Private Media was recently mistreated, pushed and embarrassed by the Police and the BDP women's wing went quite.


In a nutshell, I personally thank the BDP Women’s wing for the effort, however they must treat such issues equally. I also want to point without fear that the BDP Women’s wing has failed women and children of this country and we hope that now that they have started with the Orange Advert they will treat issues of the girl child equally even if it involves their party members or sponsors. It is time to be fair on issues of public interest for a better Botswana. If not then the BDP Women’s wing must just shut up!

Berry Heart


Stop prostituting our children

Ba lo ko gae, especially lona baBotswana Craft, please tell Orange to take down this poster and destroy it with immediate effect!


It is totally in bad taste and has nothing to do with ngwao, instead it encourages child defilement which is becoming so rife in our communities. Nna ke kwano Zambia, fighting for the rights of the girl child and an end to gender based violence and child marriages. Koo gae we have adults who can put up such nonsensical posters !! Tota what is this world coming to!!!!

A ko le thuseng please. Orange is prostituting our children!! Even more disgusting is that they did not even ask the parents to use their child's picture. Talk of violation of children's rights !! They need to be sued.


Sheila Tlou

Protect the girl child


I am very disappointed at this commercial, and the connotation that it carries towards women, and especially the girl child. I heard that Orange Botswana has apologized, and pulled down the posters - but the damage has already been done. To victims of gender based violence and rape, this is like peeling off a scar on a fresh wound. In our culture child molestation started just like this and became a norm that our great great grandparents promoted and protected at all costs.

The language used here is similar to the language that promoted paedophiles back then and got older men (especially relatives) to abuse young girls. It all started with this sick language and thinking “Motlogolo ntsha ditlhogo” then “kgarebe tsholetsa makgebe re je bophose”... Before we knew it uncles and other relatives were forcing themselves on their nieces and this continued until it became a “norm” and child molestation became the best kept secret in every household.


If we are to protect the girl child, we must shatter this norm and speak strongly against derogatory language targeted at the girl child. As a victim of gender based violence, I know where this can lead to if it is not nipped in the bud. I know some people will shout out the usual excuse “it is our culture”. “Ke Setswana”. I’m sick and tired of people who use culture to exploit or oppress others. I believe that we have had a fair share of cultural conditioning, which was aimed at satisfying the desires of a few people at the expense of women and girls. Some of it doesn’t serve us anymore. It is high time we let it go.

If policies, acts, constitutions, wages and other regulations could be reviewed, why can’t culture be reviewed and updated if it no longer serves us. Why do we prefer to hang onto culture even if it doesn’t serve us? Why? Just to give some people a temporary “feel good” effect of being in control, I guess. Orange Botswana may have recalled these posters, but the effect will linger in the hearts of gender based violence activists for a long time.


#shatterthenorm #challengethestatusquo #weshallnotforget #notogenderbasedviolence #protectthegirlchild #empowerthegirlchild #iamGBVactivist #isupportthegirlchild


Hannah Bontle Lecha

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