Well done Batswana

SHARE   |   Sunday, 25 January 2015   |   By Eddie Mdluli

I am deeply touched by the way Batswana have responded to Abbie's  plea to raise money for her cure. This spirit of helping a fellow Motswana is not expected in these days. In some nations some would look at the tribe, political party and even the church Abbie goes to. But, we have shown the world that Batswana are one united big family. We may differ politically some tired of one party in power for ever, which is fine, it is their political right but at the end of the day if a situation like Abbie’s is calling we must forget about other differences and respond to the calling as one and with one voice. To those who did not afford to give even P10,00 because of economic challenges, it is understandable. We know you could have done something and there is always next time. Nevertheless your prayers would make a much bigger difference. I urge those who are yet to donate to do so and those who have pledged to honour their pledges. God will reward you more. I am a very proud citizen right now because of the giving and loving spirit we are showing to those in need. Once more, as a Motswana who has learnt a lot out of Abbie’s situation I thank you.

Eddie Mdluli
Jackalas No.1

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