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Councillor Arafat Khan decries "The tragedy of our politics"

SHARE   |   Thursday, 05 July 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Destroyed ballot boxes in Borakalalo ward, [INSERT] Arafat Khan Destroyed ballot boxes in Borakalalo ward, [INSERT] Arafat Khan

Morning people! The Borakalalo primary elections had to be canceled on Saturday after about 99 people voted and about 150 queuing to vote,a certain Kitso Motshabatau (a BNF member)(pictured here)who was driving the car belonging to my opponent disrupted the elections damaged the ballot boxes and some of the ballot papers,he then ran away driving the car of my opponent,it was an orchestrated plan!,my opponent had earlier approached me stating that he is going to disrupt the elections alleging that some of the names of his supporters were removed from the voters roll in particular BDP members have been removed from the BNF membership roll ,apparently he conveyed the same threat to the election officers

The matter has been reported to the police and a warrant of arrest was issued to the culprit,he was yesterday taken to the police by his handlers,a case has been opened against him,the election officials will be expected to submit a comprehensive report to the party,I will also consult my attorney this week to take the matter forward , I not going to let this go unchallenged,I have spent a lot of money in this campaign !my money has trail,unlike others am not involved in any illicit business hence my concern regarding the costs


Voters roll

The voters roll was verified on the 20 th of June ,it was signed by the ward committee,candidates,Constituency elections committee,the only candidate who signed with reservations was Mr Sedimo,one of the issue he (they)raised was that ‘members in the voters roll of the BNF also appearing in the BDP voters roll must be allowed to vote,we objected,we object to the issue ya tlhodisa molatswana,the BNF constitution is very clear,section 7.1 stipulates that membership of the BNF shall terminate if a member resigns,or is expelled,or dies or joins another party ,the Constituency election committee then submitted the verified voters roll and made recommendations to their superiors,during the verification I cautioned my opponent from being too close to the BDP in particular Cherry Khan who even gave him her BNF merchandise,on Saturday,the husband of Cherry who joined BDP last year came to offer them support !


If our opponents knew and understood how the BNF functions or operates,they cld have have continued with the elections under protest,these are the same people who when they were still BDP members before they joined BNF end of 2016 disrupted The VDC elections and ran away with the ballot box

In a nutshell I sincerely apologize on my behalf and on Behalf of the BNF and UDC on what transpired in Borakalalo,it was a situation beyond my control ,sorry for the inconvenience caused! Thanks for overwhelming support! We will keep you updated! May God bless you all!    

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