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Private sector imperative for the economy

SHARE   |   Monday, 09 July 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Keebine Keebine

The objective of today’s engagement is to introduce Business Botswana to you as an APEX private sector representative body duly recognised by the Government of Botswana as a Chamber of Commerce.

Membership of this Apex body being corporate companies, associations, regional chambers in Botswana, etc. IN sharing with you our mandate we also appeal to you to engage Business Botswana with Chambers of Commerce in your respective countries. Your Excellencies, Business Botswana was formed in 1971 as an independent private sector body representing business across all sectors of the Botswana economy. Our Role is to: Influence Government Policy through engagement in Constructive Dialogue.


Advocate for the creation of a business friendly environment in the country. In carrying out our Advocacy role; BB represent private sector interest and articulate the views of business in various policy making bodies at various levels; Ensure that private sector has representation in the different committees set up by Government; Provide services to our members including creating various avenues for networking on a variety of engagements; Advocate for policies geared to the ease of doing business in the country.


Through our philosophy of constructive dialogue, Business Botswana has won the confidence and respect of Government and other stakeholders. Distinguished guests, policy advocacy is a process although we have attained some milestones on some impediments we still have a long way to improve the ease of doing business in Botswana.  In September, we will be hosting the biennial National Business Conference themed “Breakthrough to a High-Income Botswana- The Role of the Private Sector in Charting the Path.”  

Director of Ceremonies, Ladies and gentlemen, I can confidently say, Business Botswana has a sound relationship with His Excellency, The President and we are ready who is willing to periodically engage with the private sector on issues pertaining to doing business. More MoUs are under consideration.


The role of the private sector is very imperative for the economy of any country and in particular Botswana. With the economic landscape changing, and being focused more towards diversification, it has become even more imperative for private sector to take the lead. And that means, we must explore OUTWARD opportunities to build and grow the economy of Botswana. And in doing so, we continually partner with strategic partners such as the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) to lure investment into the country.

Business Botswana signed Memorandum of Agreements with other chambers of Commerce, the recent one being the MoU signed with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce (KNICC). Following the signing, a joint business Council was set up primarily to strengthen institutional support for promoting business opportunities in both Botswana and Kenya. So far, we have already witnessed positive outcomes. It is our wish to partner with other Chambers of Commerce to improve and strengthen trade relations between Botswana and its friends being all of you here today.


Your Excellencies, Business Botswana will be launching its five (5) year Strategic Plan which is intended to guide Business Botswana efforts in enhancing the overall competitiveness of the private sector by tapping new markets and promoting sustainable development.

To the Honourary Consulate of the Royal Thai, Dr Ntshaka, thank you for partnering with us and bringing all of us under one roof to forge strategic allegiance with everyone and I am optimistic that this will be of many more meetings to strengthen and possibly report on our progress.


Our friends, the media, we are grateful for your continued support in disseminating Business Botswana’s efforts, be it; policy, events, meetings. We would not be where we are without your utmost support. Thank you for honoring the invitation.



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