People should have a say on budget-UDC

SHARE   |   Sunday, 25 January 2015   |   By Moeti Mohwasa
Finance Minister, Kenneth Mathambo Finance Minister, Kenneth Mathambo

The time of the year is coming again when the resources of this country will be distributed among the citizens by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) through the budget. It is through this exercise that we can improve the welfare of our People or make it worse. It is therefore important that the nation has a say in how their resources are distributed. It is such an important exercise to be left to the whims of the mandarin and those who possess illegitimate power (the financiers of the BDP).  As the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) we call upon the BDP government to ensure that as it approaches its final days in power, it starts taking the concept of a People's Budget seriously. In any case this is party that is in power by default. One that is in power yet it was disapproved by over 50 % of Batswana in the recent poll. It only has the First past the Post Electoral System to thank. 
The Ministry of Finance should open channels through which people could contribute ideas in terms of how they want their resources to be distributed. The ideas should cover area like how we would want to have our economy revamped. Contrary to what the BDP believes in, Democracy is about allowing the people to take leadership and have their views taken on board on matters that directly affect them. The BDP wrongly believes that Democracy starts and ends with holding regular elections. The concept of, for us without us, is wrong and Undemocratic.
The negotiations between the government and the Public Sector Unions should also be concluded as soon as possible so that the decisions of the Bargaining Council are incorporated into the budget.
The empty BDP manifesto cannot resolve our challenges. We are where we are as a nation, wallowing in poverty in the land of plenty, because of the bad policies of the BDP. It is the wrong approach of the BDP when it comes to national budgeting that has bred poverty in this country. We say enough is enough! We want change!

Moeti Mohwasa
UDC Spokesperson

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