Voters Should Punish BDP in Forthcoming Council Bye Elections

SHARE   |   Sunday, 25 January 2015   |   By Justin Hunyepa
Voters casting their votes Voters casting their votes PIC: RICARDO KANONO

The BDP does not deserve to be voted again into any office, after stealing and cheating Batswana of 113 council seats under the pretext of special nominations. As a result of these special nominations, an estimated total of around P90 million of workers’ hard earned tax money will be paid to the BDP activists in annual salary and combined gratuity. According to media reports, the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon Botlogile Tshireletso revealed these shocking figures at the 10th Parliament. The workers have to stand up again in their large numbers, to rally support and vote for the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) councillors, in the forthcoming three council wards bye elections on the 31 January 2015. This will stop BDP continued open corruption and misrule. BDP does not deserve to have more councillors in councils after such nominations. It is the workers’ determination, focus and direction that can stop the BDP gravy train. Goodhope-Mabule (Goodhope), Moshupa-Manyana (Moshupa West) and Letlhakeng-Lephephe (Ngware) are a must win for the UDC. During the 2014 General elections, the workers and other voters did a marvellous job by showing confidence in UDC and voting it in large numbers. This trend should continue. UDC can rule this country better than BDP and even manage the resources far much better. As a united work force, it is not over yet as the final mission is to unseat the BDP by 2019. Like in all other countries all over the world, the BDP cannot rule forever and this is the time for it to be voted out, starting with councils. The BDP has long expired. All voters, including their relatives and friends should descend on their respective three council wards without fail and mobilise the voters to cast in favour of UDC. The mission has to be completed. Of course workers will find the ruthless might of the BDP who will bring all resources to buy the voters with food hampers, alcohol, airtime, money and so on. We already see the state media, as usual, being abused to predominantly cover BDP campaigns on Btv, radio and Daily News. We call upon all citizens to stop these abuses by removing the BDP. All government, parastatal, private employees, Ipelegeng workers, security guards, domestic workers, drivers, Hawkers, petrol attendants, shop assistants, farmers, pensioners, self-employed, etc should vote for change. We also call upon the progressive BDP members as they have now seen where the wind is blowing, to vote UDC in large numbers so as to save Batswana and the bleeding economy.
At Goodhope vote the people’s choice cde Ogopotse Modibedi while Moshupa West has cde Abraham Motlogelwa waiting to go to council. Ngware council elect is cde Onthatile J. Selatlho who has all leadership attributes. All employees should come out and encourage everyone to vote UDC as this is the road to workers’ freedom and emancipation. Teachers, who are agents of change and development, and have had perennial problems with government, should help stop this government from continuously trampling on their rights. The issue of overtime and other issues will only be solved by removing BDP from councils and parliament. The moono vibe is still on and resonates in our ears comrades. Moono is our own revolution and it should take us to freedom and change of government in 2019. Vote UDC, Vote for Change. Bury BDP as they have requested through their alleged programme (Thulaganyo). Ba setse ba dirile THULAGANYO ya phitlho ya bone, so let’s just assist them to their resting place. Viva UDC.
Thank you
Justin Hunyepa
UDC Labour Secretary

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