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Unemployment and depression

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 01 August 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono

Unemployment, stressing too much about not working. Several years passes and you are still job hunting. Eventually you start noticing your agemates seeming to be progressing in life, they are driving nice cars, getting married, building and buying houses while you still live under your parent's house. Or worse still you do not have parents, only aunts and uncles here and there. In your mind their love for you is questionable.

You have sent thousands of applications and on the verge of giving up. With that qualification you spent years to attain you still havent put those skills to good use. You start questioning your very own existence. You ask yourself : why did I go to school then live like this? Unemployment has started pushing you towards a dark corner of despair and depression. Eventually you stop with the applications and keep to yourself. You start isolating yourself since everytime you think of mingling that inferiority complex developing in your mind tells you that you are not dressed well enough, your cheap perfume smells soo bad.


You start judging yourself too harshly and think everyone else is doing the same. By now you are slowly starting to sink and the painful thing is no one may be noticing you are suffocating. You feel empty, like your life don't matter. I can go on and on but in this context finding something to do or a job can bridge the gap between depression and sanity by bringing back your sense of selfworth. That is why I say to you do not give up on finding a job, starting a business, going after your dreams, chase those dreams and catch them however far they get. Just do not forget the way back home. So never give up. No! not now, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Every morning we rise and take each day as it comes.....


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