Earthquake at Tsholetsa House

SHARE   |   Thursday, 16 August 2018   |   By Eddie Mdluli

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has been hit by a 9.5 magnitude political earthquake. This is a very serious shake up that this party finds its self in our era.

As a former member of the Botswana Democratic Party Culture and Publicity Sub Committee of the Central Committee for three terms under the former President Ian Khama and now a member of the Alliance for Progressives Movement, I get concerned about what happens at BDP because it is the Ruling Party, and whatever decisions it makes affects the country one way or the other.


As much as we as a country get worried about what happens in South Africa because of our close economic ties, it should therefore not be surprising that as a member of an opposition party I get concerned by the unfolding events in the BDP.

Recently some newspapers reported that some BDP members are trying to derail President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s efforts of revitalising the ailing economy through a number of measures, including stamping out corruption especially among the ruling elite.


Not only do they want to derail his efforts, they also want to get rid of him. It is saddening that this is done using the former President’s name - Ian Khama. It is critically important for the former to unequivocally disassociate himself from these people. It would not be far-fetched to think that these BDP members want to perpetuate the looting of public coffers.  These are people who thrived in an environment where there may have been no accountability for theft and fraudulent activities. It is perceived that President Khama may have not done well in terms of rooting corruption, especially among those in the upper echelons of power. I still believe he abhorred corruption. The former President did his part and has said he is going to take over the chieftaincy of Bangwato. Let’s respect that.

For his name to be dragged into dirty politics by a bunch of political vultures in the BDP is very wrong and uncalled for. I want to believe he (former President) will not stoop so low and allow himself to be used by unpatriotic members of his party to sabotage President Masisi.


The BDP and the Nation at large must not expect Rre Masisi's leadership of style to be the same as that of Rre Ian Khama, as much as Khama's leadership was different from that of Rre Festus Mogae's. I personally like a few changes that the current President has made. Surely he cannot satisfy everyone but even the blind can see that there is a new driver – Mokgweetsi. He must be supported particularly by members of the BDP whose fortunes at the ballot box have been waning. Those keen to loot this country must never be allowed to succeed. As for the opposition, we shouldn't fool ourselves to think we can capitalise on the dark cloud over BDP. We have bigger challenges unless we uproot those who are  stumbling blocks in our parties regardless of the positions they're in. There is the need to invite the mediators who started the opposition negotiations because they know the root cause of why the negotiations collapsed. Move on or sink; it’s the opposition’s call. Maybe some of us are comfortable being in the opposition for life, but Botswana is one country where opposition will not graduate from where it is by taking over government unless all opposition parties unite and vote in one block. One does not need to have done political science to understand this.


Eddie Mdluli


Jackalas No1

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