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Dear Unemployed Law graduate

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 17 October 2018   |   By Kgosi Ngakaagae
Ngakaagae Ngakaagae

I hope this letter finds you well. It must be cold out there. I don’t pretend to know, let alone understand your situation. When I finished at law school, I had two or three jobs from which to choose. It wasn’t always this way. Forgive me if I sound distant to your reality. I came across your CV yesterday. There is a mountain of such here. And the pile grows daily. I have gone through it over and over again. I can feel your passion and hunger to prove yourself. It must be hard straining at the leash every day.


Nowadays I don’t look at the CV’s anymore. They make me cry. They remind me of your suffering and how cold it must be out there. I wish I had capacity to fix your situation. But I can only take so many of you before I default on salary obligations and rent. But don’t lose heart. Your situation can be changed.

One day you will have your dignity back. Government will no longer give work to one or two law firms to outsource to South Africa to be done by your peers there. Government work will be given to your own here and they will be told specifically to employ you as a precondition. You will be specifically trained for areas government is outsourcing to favoured firms who then outsource to foreign firms. Foreign firms that receive government business will train you as a contractual requirement in order that you can do the work here for your country and be paid millions, just like them. We didn’t train you to die doing debt collection or defending the Use of insulting Language.

In time, there will be no mass profiteering without job creation. And if you are ambitious enough, you might just get the work yourself and hire your peers. It happens in South Africa, it can and will happen here. Government will no longer pay foreign legal bills for work that you could be trained to do. Nor will legal work be outsourced to another country at your expense.

A time will come when no law firm will have a monopoly of government and parastatal work at your expense. Every mountain shall be made low, the rough places shall be made plain and the crooked places shall be made straight. We will grow the Senior Counsel Bar here (SC) and no foreign lawyer will be allowed to practice here if you can’t practice in their country. That means you will no longer see SA advocates here until a Motswana lawyer can be allowed to appear as SC before the SA Constitutional Court. Zimbabwe will be told to open up for Botswana law graduates if their own must practice here. Botswana will not be zenophobic. Never.  Just fair. And you won’t be in the cold anymore.


Take heart dear one. You are not forgotten. Your career choice was not a wrong one. If by chance business improves I will surely call you. But I hope someone calls you sooner. For I know you’ve knocked in every door and you have left in tears.


Most importantly, I hope change comes sooner. This situation can and will be changed.

And for you unemployed graduates from other disciplines, I know you groan under the same yoke. I will take time to address you tomorrow. You are no less important. You will not be forgotten. You will not be left out. I only meant to address one profession today.

Yours in the struggle

Kgosi Ngakaagae    

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