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SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 February 2015   |   By Ketlhalefilwe Motshegwa
Log Raditlhokwa Log Raditlhokwa

The description is of a tall man donning an African shirt, oozing confidence, possessing a good grasp of the language, and with an elegant accent. That’s my remembrance of my encounter with Log Raditlhokwa when he appeared before us for a course on Public Speaking at the University of Botswana. He was teaching Social Work courses, I was doing Political Science & Public Administration and therefore I only came to his teaching path only for the public speaking course as I was in the mood to formulate myself for the role of leadership.  He taught this course with so much enthusiasm, devotion, and at the end of every class he would ask for a volunteer and say, “now it’s time for an African young leader to rise up and speak with authority to close this session, in your remarks assume you are in an important international forum”. This class was full of vigour and life conveyed by Log.
Having met Log in 2005 when I was his student, we later encountered again in 2012 when my Union BLLAHWU was holding a Leadership retreat workshop and we extended to him the invitation. As the Secretary General, my task was to identify facilitators and craft a programme. I buzzed Log to probe if he will be able to facilitate topics on art of communication skills, principles of leadership and conflict resolution. He instantaneously approved and asked that we meet at UB to finalise on his terms of reference. Indeed we met at UB Staff lounge garden for tea and discussion on his task at the workshop. I was astonished that Log was able to remember me as his student, amazing because I only went to his class for one course and for he has taught many students for many years it was artistic to possess such ability to remember students. I then comprehended that actually Log remembered most of his students and that he made it his habit and trade mark. Formerly to inauguration of our conversation, we prayed at his suggestion. Then we spent the entire conversation talking about God and less on what I actually came for. He shared with me prophecies and amongst them the mountain prophecy that really inspired and touched my spirit even up to this day. He again invited me to be part of what God has revealed to him, to build an institution of leadership because there was a vacuum of leadership in all compasses of life including Government, family, Church and others spheres. I felt much honoured and loved by this man and developed admiration for this man.
Indeed Log did honour the invitation to facilitate at the workshop. He exhibited infrequent and sheer presentation skills. He communicated all the topics from the biblical perspective and peppering his sentences on leadership and conflict resolution with verses. He gave narrations of what God’s say was about such circumstances. Everything according to him had to be considered from the perspective of God’s say. He was to later analyse the 2014 general elections on the perspective of God’s voice. He said God was point out the need for unity.
Sometime near the end of 2012 Log called me saying he wanted to offer me a card to some wonderful event, and those given such cards are to come with their wives and husbands. I did indicate to him that I don’t have a wife, and he said no problem just come my friend. It was dinner for couples and the motive was to promote, revere and uphold the institution of marriage. I went with my girlfriend and Log was so happy that it turned out that he had taught both of us. He promptly encouraged me to get married, saying leaders must have a family to lean on and to grow in personal stability. Of course at the end of that year I got married and had listed him on the programme as a motivational speaker though he didn’t make it to Mmadinare due to other commitments.
The above is just an illustration of the passion of a man who had the urge to change for good other people’s lives and his unshakeable believe in his God. The man was so humble, courteous and full of self-effacement and humour. He preached the same attributes to humanity. He wanted people to feel secure, loved and appreciated. He wanted young people to succeed and lead this Country at various levels of leadership. He was a prolific speaker and versatile writer who educated and inspired the nation with his weekly column “Social File”. He provided insights for leadership, advocated for strong families and societal cohesion as the basis for success and as a base for good governance. I write about a self-motivated and inspired man who valued the truth and goodness. He has contributed immensely in the education of this Country as an educator, in preaching goodness and love, in the political landscape of this Country, counselling and comforting those in sorrows and despair.
Being the believer that he was on this plant, he knew that departure would one day come so as to enable him to return to his creator for everlasting joy and happiness. Indeed now Log has logged off from planet earth. As I write this piece my consciousness remind me that Log being a dexterous writer that he was, he would have written a good eulogy if he was in the position of writing one particularly about a man of his calibre and prominence. Then again he would have been happy when here, and he is happy where he is to see a young African writer writing something about an African martyr.
Log is no more here but somewhere sacred. Let the peace of the Lord be with Log’s wife and children for the Lord is their refuge and fortress. Let them be comforted, stay strong and continue on the Christian principles Log‘s life relied on. Perhaps some people will be inspired to come up with Log Raditlhokwa Foundation to deal with leadership development and promotion of societal good.
Goodbye my friend, we meet to part and we part to meet!!!

Ketlhalefile M.N Motshegwa

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