Is Bogosi a destined Pauper in the BDP Kingdom?

SHARE   |   Friday, 30 November 2018   |   By Daniel Tshepo Orufheng
Three Chiefs Monument in CBD Gaborone Three Chiefs Monument in CBD Gaborone

Greetings, in the name of HE who is, was and still to come.

The authority of God on all the important parameters of life was several floors higher in wisdom and understanding than the collective expertise of unclean shepherds combined. Our Shepherds have been a negligent lot, and reckless servants. They have wilfully neglected the authority of God on important matters and yet this authority was a thousand fold more secure and faultless as a guide on the purposes and discourses of man. It was the same divine authority which gives rain to both the vile and the upright, and which has sustained and preserved our people for hundreds of years before and after Christ.


Our shepherds have imagined that sovereignty came with an acquisition of some scales and balances of a god and by which new political sovereigns could edify God and his Ordinances.  They have not ridden themselves of partisan prejudices against tradition and against the customs of the several of our tribes. They have despoiled and dis-united a once poor but very dignified community of leaders and people into a den of partisan pits. Their very political identities, appear as Monuments destined toward creation of multiple matrixes of intolerance and monumental senses of self-exaltation against the giver of Life and against everyone not associable with them. The authors of the latest 2018-2019 road map say they will soon sit, in mid-2019 to review national purposes and ends, resources and desired outcomes. I pray they will also be subjecting to review whether the God of their Fathers had ever called upon them to be an inward-looking or outward-looking shepherds? Masters at Fearing God or masters at ‘pottering’ fear of God? Are they on the public field of play for the pleasure of fulfilling Godly directives, or of foreign nations and of stiffened necks and of uncircumcised hearts?

Partisan identities and separatist conditioning which happens within political parties disenables them to will to fully and satisfactorily represent the purposes and discourses of anybody other than those who do and will support their particular partisan and separatist aspirations. The key offence by Politics and its operatives since 66 is that they have been a deeply divisive and Godless force upon the land and upon the people and upon the talents and the resources which God gave this country. It has entrenched and without restraint a circumstance of living which allow rather than disallow predatory conduct over neighbours seat, vote, wife, husband, cow, child, prophet. Our country environment is witness to mass spilling of innocent blood on our land and over the flock of God and our partakings into shameless worships and which depths of impurity Godly Hosts will not name. This circumstance has created an environment of utter insecurity because environments crystallise into destinies. Once, we were a people which God could save from conquer by the sword and the bullet. Will we still be worthy of His mercies tomorrow? That was a matter for the Prophets to ask of God.


The Godly caution to the People of Israel through Moses against tendencies by satisfied and fulfilled hearts to disregard their God once their bellies and refineries were filled was rightful advice toward the anticipated Masisi Road Map review period. The caution of God against Israel was also a caution of God against this land. “Beware (you who was an operative of the BDP kingdom)….lest when thou hast eaten and art full, and hast built goodly houses, and dwelt therein, and when thy herds and thy flocks multiply, and thy silver and gold is multiplied and all that thou has multiplied;…(beware) then, thine heart be not lifted up, and thou forget the lord of thy Fathers, which brought thee forth from the house of bondage” (Deut 8:11-14). 

Kings were like Politicians, but unlike Prophets. Perhaps it is for this reason that whenever God anointed a King, He would assign a Prophet as guide, so that the King would not wilfully or ignorantly transgress. Prophets don’t and would not transgress wilfully or ignorantly for God has given them sufficient light. Kings of yesterday were like Politicians of the day. They can and have felt increasingly unrestrained by any fear of God to do injustice. They were ordinarily not repulsed by ethical incompatibility with God and with the customs of the Kingdom of Heaven. Since politics today has exalted itself above Heaven and its servants, we find that in this consists the ethical height and tragedy of the curse brought on board by Politicians upon our people. We are looking to God by such writings to encourage the politician of the day to find reasons to uplift this curse from this once holy land.


Politics today was but disguised intolerance, and legalised blasphemy of Divine Ordinances.  Consider the loud echoes and footprints of intolerance against God and Bogosi, which was now audible and readable from the constitutional scripts and parliamentary bills on the subject. Courage and strength be upon our country Politicians as they review to accommodate Dikgosi from their 52 year exile from the resources of this Republic. Will the reviewers be of the desired spiritual calibre which was prepared to sacrifice all that was vile and reprobate within the laws and the operatives of the State,  for the good of not denying the innocence of justice to prevail upon the people outside the review room? Perhaps then thus enable the nation to be pardoned for its sins, and thereby enable it to be healed by the Prince of Peace.

The latest 2018-2019 Presidential road map makes mention of much and yet this much makes no mention of intent to uplift Bogosi holistically from its present pauper condition. Oversight of historical duty towards Bogosi or continuance of disobedience to God?. The road map contains no plan to raise the income of all Chiefs, except for the House of Chiefs, which house, houses but a portion of the total statistic of chiefs. The road map contains no map toward giving educated heirs to Bogosi, the Princes of this land, economic sense and will to  “feed and tender” Bogosi and the tribes, and yet it was their decreed purpose as the blood ‘officers of the tribes.’ If God came down at this moment and asked BDP shepherds of the day as He asked Simon Peter, son of Jonah: “do you love me more than these (more than opposition, for example)?” Will BDP like Peter say: “Yes; lord you know that I love you”. Wouldn’t God’s reply to BDP be as it was to Peter?: “Feed my lambs, tend my sheep!” (John 21:15)


Would God’s lambs and sheep refer to BDP policy supporters, financiers and party members, as was falsely presumed by the BDP Kingdom?  Are the sons and daughters of the Kings and Chiefs of this land, not to pursue Degrees, and Masters Degrees, and Doctorates to improve and modernise Bogosi since they had no government willing and resourced to honour their services? Are the people (and the birds and the beasts and fish of the land) to hope for fruition under a government unprepared to abide in the one true Vine and which resists being dressed by the one and true Vine-Dresser?; Why won’t the BDP Kingdom accept to be fed and nourished by the non-purchasable waters that are God’s Laws? Are Batswana to praise and salute Shepherds preaching consultation and communion with sheep only so that such communion be ‘seen’ to be done? Did not such consultation make reference to plans to uplift and preserve BDP ‘lambs,’ whilst sending to sacrificial altars the majority of God’s sheep, so that only the few may be kept alive season to season, and the many may fall by the sword and by hunger and by captivity from foreign peoples? Are non-partisan sheep of the land to feel tendered and fed, when the criterion of feed was that it can and will be done only by a partisan shepherd and toward a partisan lamb? Was God’s pastures of and for partisan vanities and glories?


Oh, righteous Lord, do bestow your unfailing mercies upon the lost Shepherds of this land, who have had to receive your lashing, not because of anything they have not done, but because of their sins and those of their Fathers!

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