BMD is swallowing the BNF

SHARE   |   Sunday, 15 February 2015   |   By Lefoko Dithebe
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It has been a long time that I have waited to see what the UDC brings on board for the BNF. It is now an open secret that we at the BNF have gained nothing - all political defectors are going the BMD way. I have heard some of the BMD members trying to answer that there is nothing wrong with everyone joining the BMD as it is all the same as if they are joining the BNF and the BPP. This is a mere cloud on us the BNF to not be serious about our recruitment hoping that the BMD factor is working for us. It is becoming increasingly clear that we have been sold a dummy.
The BDP members, who in particular are defecting to the BMD, are simply reaffirming what most of us have always suspected that the BMD is nothing but an off-spring of the capitalist BDP and they can’t and will never be separated. The BMD is certainly some sort of anger rehabilitation class for the BDP where those angry are admitted until they are healthy enough in their capitalistic minds to return to the BDP.
The Duma Boko leadership is breath-taking in its total disregard for the undisputed fact that the very current crop of the BMD leadership acted as a willing servant to the notorious and ruthless BDP all the years that we have been trying to attain power. The Duma Boko leadership continues to embrace the enemy within. I am appealing to BNF cadres to help this leadership wake up from this sugar candy mountain dream.
It is very clear that the current BMD leadership and its activists, with the assistance of its mother party, the BDP, are trying to subvert the right and duty of the Botswana National Front (BNF) of Dr Kenneth Koma to head the revolution. And this will deny the BNF the opportunity to ever run this country and implement its excellent policies. By the BNF policies I literally mean the Social Democratic Programme and not the rushed and fake so-called policies of the UDC which are without direction considering the vast differences of the grounding of the BNF and grounding of the BDP trading as the BMD.
Comrades if we don’t walk out of this false arrangement called the UDC, our history is going to be tarnished, our dignity is going to be assassinated and our foundation is no longer going to hold the BNF together. A silent war has already brewed as political defectors from the BDP continue to tell us straight into our faces that they are joining the UDC yet they all seek the membership of the BMD. 
This silent war is going to claim casualties in the long run, and we the BNF cadres will be those casualties. But for now, some comrades are still excited over a temporary damage to the BDP which is clearly designed to fool the BNF. The BNF is in a state of crisis, immediate action is needed now. It is up to us comrades to provide a concrete plan of action to restore the original BNF and to provide guidance and if need be dictate to the leadership in this time of looming crisis.
We all know that some comrades are not even aware of this deep damage to the BNF itself since they are now Councillors and Members of Parliament. Comrades, please note that I am not necessarily interested in the many personal issues that arise as a result of forgetting the main BNF mandate and running after positions that make us not much better than the BDP and other half trading as the BMD, I truly only want to believe that we are capable of a more intelligent discourse than we have stooped to.
The carrot has been dangled in front of the eyes of our very own comrades and the trick has worked for our enemy who is the BDP trading as the BMD. Comrades have been rewarded with wards and constituencies by the BDP trading as the BMD so that they may mislead the BNF loyal cadres. Comrades, please let us rise against all these misery and get back to our revolutionary original front of the late Dr, Kenneth Koma. With attracting more numbers the BDP trading as the BMD is getting stronger whilst we let the BMD play us fools to divert us from our true revolution of the Social Democratic Programme so that their mother party may never get a true challenge at the polls. The situation requires immediate action.

Lefoko Folks Dithebe
BNF activist

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