Response to Banks Tebelelo Ndebele

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 30 January 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Phenyo Segokgo Phenyo Segokgo

Thank you Mr Ndebele for the contemplative letter and most importantly your commendations about developments in Magope which i think are rightfully vouchsafed for the area councilor Hon. Kgabo Mabotseng. I'll pass the gracious words to him. Let me take this ample opportunity to thank you for raising such pertinent observations. We realised that a lot of our residents have come to our offices to raise them also and clearly it's a cause for concern;

1. Dual carriageway from A1 Boatle junction to Ramotswa: Let me hasten to concur with you on this advice. We have tabled this issue to the Ministry during project briefings. Initially we thought we were on the same page until 2017 December when they reneged on their promise. We will keep pushing for it through various platforms.


2. Bus Stop: We have observed the bus stop issue and the engineers are on it. I hope in the next briefing we'll have a definite response from the consultants or just a prompt execution.  

3. Attractive Infrastructure: This is one good advice that we will pass to the Ministry and also share with consultants. It’s a hindsight observation but it's possible. We have seen this in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa and the 2008 Olympic stadium in Beijing. People still visit Beijing after 10 years just to go and appreciate the artistic architectural work of the stadium. We also have the Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein Joburg. It looks nice especially at night and they use the bridge in movies and soapies as way of attracting tourists to Joburg. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is another major attraction.


In conclusion, we really appreciate such pensive advices to the District. We are eager to open dialogue and consultations because these are yardsticks that we use to have people-centred policies and developments as clearly stipulated in our District’s 5-year Strategic Plan.


Yours in struggle


Phenyo Mokete Segokgo


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