BDP has aided and abetted Kgosi and NPF scandals

SHARE   |   Thursday, 31 January 2019   |   By Adam Phetlhe On Sunday
Issac Kgosi Issac Kgosi

That the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has been given in the last five decades the privilege to prudently manage our financial and other resources is not in dispute. That glaring signs have always been, and still are there that such financial and other resources continue not to be prudently managed is also not in dispute. Consequently, the BDP as the ruling party cannot by any stretch of the imagination deny complicity whether directly, indirectly or otherwise in the grand corruption allegations against the erstwhile Director General of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services Rre Isaac Kgosi and the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) scandal. And this is why there is a strong possibility that he, together with ‘his comrades in crime’ in the NPF scandal, will not go down alone. High and low profile BDP leaders and individuals could or should be implicated with inevitable, permanently harming consequences to the party and the individuals themselves. And all because these grand corruption scandals occurred right under the noses of the BDP leadership, past and present who chose to be indifferent.

How on earth and in front of an elected BDP leadership together with other State institutions could Rre Kgosi accumulate unhindered as it appears to be, such offending wealth for lack of a better word and if reports to such are anything to go by? It is mindboggling and breath taking to say the least. And yet, and I repeat yet, the BDP leadership takes us for granted as always by assuming a holier than thou public relations posture in these corruption scandals. I am not suggesting that the implicated individuals in these grand corruption scandals are not blameworthy. Let them have their days in court where the law will take its course. But it will be gross injustice if those who used their leadership positions to aid and abet these grand corruption scandals are insulated from the law as it appears to be going that way. The impression is that a conducive environment was more likely created and enabled such that Rre Kgosi and his ‘comrades in crime’ in the NPF scandal could do as they pleased in plundering as alleged the national purse with nobody caring to act. In the process, beneficiaries in the form of individuals and organisations may possibly have handsomely benefitted. After all, no logical argument could be made that such a conducive environment could be created with no meaningful rewards to the enablers.


To understand how the BDP got us into this mess, the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture currently in session in South Africa should be our mirror. While the revelations by different witnesses at this Commission have not yet been tested to test their veracities particularly the testimony of the witness who has so far been on the stand for about a week making explosive revelations on grand corruption, one gets an idea of how grand corruption in the State is orchestrated from the private sector. Bribing of State officials by private sector companies with huge sums of money to ensure that such companies win lucrative tenders; strategic individuals are placed to ensure that these tenders are extended if need be is one of the revelations that has emerged from this Commission together with the infiltration of crime-busting institutions to throw away potential criminal matters so that grand corruption continues unhindered with enablers and executioners fully protected. In the quest to ensure that grand corruption continues, those in positions of authority and who may be viewed with suspicion that they are playing hard ball are removed. The reported imminent removal of the Director General of DCEC may be just one such example.

Based on the South African example, it should reason that the two grand corruption cases referred to herein may have taken the same modus operandi. Take the corruption case of Rre Kgosi which was reported to have long been investigated and the docket sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for action. To this day, this matter has been kept under lock and key somewhere. Those who attempt to explain its whereabouts are as good as keeping quiet.  Why would it be so difficult for one to suspect that some tempering with the matter is underway? Like I have said, the reported wealth of Rre Kgosi is mindboggling and breath taking. It is reported for example that there are no records at Botswana Power Corporation to support the electrification of one of his farms.


If South Africa with its independent and autonomous State institutions meant to detect and disable grand corruption can be so infiltrated and compromised, such institutions in Botswana with the complete political albatross around their necks would without doubt be so vulnerable to be manipulated and circumvented at will by politicians. It is all there for even the blind to see. If we had a strong BDP political will to fight grand corruption at all levels, the Rre Kgosi and the NPF scandals would have been in large measure prevented. It is appreciated that grand corruption cannot be completely eradicated as much as unemployment cannot. But once there is lip service to nip grand corruption in the bud, such scale and magnitude as we see should be expected to continue. From where I stand, the BDP and having been in charge for the last five decades without interruption, has wilfully if you allow me to use that word, aided and abetted grand corruption. The consequences therefrom are painfully exposed by the socio-economic circumstances of the citizenry. Judge for Yourself! Send your comments to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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