Register and Vote wisely; don’t be bought!

SHARE   |   Sunday, 14 April 2019   |   By Eddie Mdluli Gaborone
Register and Vote wisely; don’t be bought!
I feel obliged to thank all democrats who went to Kang and showed a lot of maturity after speculation that violence will engulf the congress and result with split of the party.
Most of us had wished that President Mokgweetsi Masisi retain the seat and this is grateful what happened. There was non-stop drama ahead of the congress with the court case brought by Presidential contender Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi being the highlight of the presidential race. But I guess at the end of it all democracy prevailed. I do not expect all of us to agree with this line because it was a race of two camps and the other one lost. Though this was a very important election it is time to focus on the more important general elections which are due in about six months.
This is the opportunity for Batswana to stop complaining and show the contesters who the boss is. We, the voters, have the power to unseat MPs who have abandoned their constituencies, only showing their face when they seek re-election. Voters must think for themselves. Voters must open their eyes and see if their MP or candidate is promising realistic issues or he is just taking them for a ride. Voters must not only rely on the educational background of a candidate. We have seen it right here in our Parliament where the most decorated MPs’ performance is well below zero. They have done nothing for their constituencies. Serious voters must look at capabilities and experience of the candidates. Maybe it’s because I am not an academic myself but I excel in whatever I do. Proudly so! Voters must punish candidates who insult, disrespect and attack their opponents based on personal issues rather than addressing the real issues on the ground that affect the voter. We are tired of politicians who advance cheap politics and take voters for granted. Don't just vote someone because he once gave you a lift in his car or gave you P10. Vote for someone you can be proud of anytime and even introduce them to anyone anytime without shame.
Candidates who try to impress you by promoting tribalism must be ignored at all costs. We may differ in our church uniforms, party colours and otherwise but at the end of the day we are all one big family. We should respect and love each other. We are a nation known for peace and that is why I am a proud Ndebele and married to a beautiful Mongwato woman. Government employs all people regardless of their tribal background. We need to maintain this peace at all costs. Let us go and vote wisely. Let’s not be tempted by bags of money, lies and cheap politics.

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