Khama not campaigning for UDC – Mohwasa

SHARE   |   Thursday, 25 April 2019   |   By Moeti Mohwasa Udc Head Of Communications
Khama not campaigning for UDC – Mohwasa

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has noted and is deeply concerned with misinformation circulating within mainstream and social media, not only about the leadership, but also about our candidates. Our campaign for the 2019 General Elections is underway and .We are fully focused on this great task. That said we wish to urge our members and the nation at large to ignore these mischievous fabrications and distortions. These will however not go unchallenged lest they are misconstrued as factual. We implore our members to remain resolute and fully focused on our campaign.

Media reports suggesting that Khama is campaigning for UDC and those within social media distorting our Vice President, Dumelang Saleshando’s message made during the Moono Wa Baithuti rally on the 11 April 2018 at University of Botswana are all false fabrications and should be dismissed with utmost contempt.

The BDP divisions are so deep-seated and irreconcilable so much that the Masisi faction has in desperation and fear of losing the forthcoming General Elections to the UDC, resorted to endless smear campaigns. On the one hand, they claim UDC is in collusion with the so-called New Jerusalem faction led by former President Khama. All these are malicious attempts by the Masisi faction after a sham that was the Kang Congress. It is all part of a ploy to bay for Batswana's sympathy by playing victim. Batswana should remain vigilant at all times and correct this by denying BDP votes at the polls in October by voting the UDC.

Another fabrication concern an unknown Fundraising Dinner which mentions Mr Tshekedi Khama about some imaginary coalition led by President Boko. We have neither dealings nor knowledge of these shameful underhand stunts. This is evidence of the last kicks of a moribund BDP regime under a desperate President Masisi. UDC is ready and capable of taking Government. We encourage Batswana to utilise this last window of opportunity of Voter Registrations to register in large numbers to enable them to vote for change. Let it be known to all Batswana that Masisi, like all his predecessors, is presiding over kleptocracy hence only the new UDC Government is capable of running the country successfully from October and beyond.

The UDC is an independent and principled party with solid ideological foundation far opposite to that of the BDP. UDC has visionary leadership and capable candidates throughout the country and therefore capable of taking government on its own.  We are aspiring for a clean and transparent government. For the record, it should be clear that the UDC is an independent and principled organisation that focuses on selling its policies.

These actions by the BDP propagandists are the kicks of a desperate BDP. We urge Batswana to be resolute in their rejection of this inefficient, corrupt and brainless aged regime.

We call upon the Masisi faction of the BDP to focus on divisions within the party and the fall out with former President Ian Khama and stop the bullying and underhand tactics against the opposition.

It is on the basis of the decaying state of Democracy in Botswana under the Masisi regime that the UDC will be fortnightly releasing alerts. These alerts will be entitled, "Democracy under siege in Botswana".

Moeti Mohwasa

UDC Head of Communications