You can’t drive one car forever

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 February 2015   |   By Eddie Mdluli
Mdluli Mdluli PIC: Ricardo Kanono

It is not a secret that our politics have changed, for the better of course. We are living in exciting times when more youths are very much interested in politically contributing by casting their votes or otherwise. It is also not a secret that the youth come with a different angle of how they view and understand today's politics compared to yester years. Let the voices of the masses be heard and respected. That is democracy anyway. Recently I had dinner with some of my old disgruntled political friends from the east of the country. One of them said he wants to change party colours we used to like most, because a party he once believed in has lost direction. He further went on to say he knows when he leaves this party, a few individuals who came in and thought would own it as their entity, would take him as an enemy or out-cast. We all agreed that, should that happen, it would display the immaturity of politicians we have. People must move to any party of their choice at any given time without fear to strengthen democracy in Botswana. And someone asked why is it that when members join this particular party they are labelled as very wise and real politicians? In some cases these particular individuals are rewarded with executive positions that they don’t qualify for. Qualified people are left in the lurch while lazy and unqualified are rewarded with top jobs and tenders. Where would productivity come from with this kind of system? That's why decision making would also be a problem in most cases. May God bless and give our BIUST more years of survival for the sake of hundreds of students who want to secure their future through that institution. There are a lot of big projects that were an embarrassment and costing you and me the tax-payer unnecessary millions of Pula simply because unqualified people are in wrong offices for wrong reasons. Recycling of officers also kill the country's economy. Government sends students to schools and does not create posts for them to work and yet someone is kept in the office for more than 30 years. Why would an old-man or dead-wood be kept in an office while a fresh and qualified young minded person is left to waste? I know of a permanent secretary who has been in the office when I was at primary school until now, just like some deacons at a church I know better. Batswana betsho! Are we going to die for our political parties or our Botswana? Are we working so hard for our children to benefit from what we sowed or just for a government to be just there? Is it about a political party or the future and economy of our country? What does our conscience say to us if we have any? It’s now or never for us to save our country by thinking wisely for our country's future. You can’t drive one car for the rest of your life.

Eddie Mdluli
Jackalas No 1

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