Batswana inferior and helpless in their country

SHARE   |   Monday, 13 May 2019   |   By Ketlhalefile Motshegwa
Motshegwa Motshegwa

Botswana ‘s economy is up for sale to the highest bidder . Unfortunately for the indigenous Motswana, who does not have the money or access to the network of unpatriotic ruling party politicians to bribe , the economy is painfully out of reach . Foreigners , especially of Asian-Indian descent are the culprits. Their modus operandi is simple; put greedy ruling party politicians into your pockets , capture the state and enjoy financial success . On that note, more than half of cabinet is terribly corrupt, and if DCEC and DPP were serious they would be rotting in jail. As it stands, in Botswana the top five richest people are of Indian descent . Batswana remain economic refugees and of lower class in their own Country whereas foreigners amass wealth aided by the Government. As a matter of urgency and moral orientation, the economy of this Country must be put in the hands of the indigenous Batswana. In order to address this, there is need for a deliberate, radical and practical transformation of  economic dynamics for the benefit of indigenous Batswana as indicated. Our economic policies must competently give Batswana decent living and prosperity, with focus particularly on the poor and the working class who are painfully on the margins of the economy. These are the classes who are at the receiving end of economic genocide being perpetuated in this country by the merciless ruling party fat cats . The status quo calls for these classes of the poor and workers to get up, unite in calling for a share in the economy . They must stage demonstrations and all sorts of campaigns to put their agenda and aspirations at the fore front of public policy.

The UDC is right is advancing decent jobs and decent lives for Batswana in an endeavor for a great Botswana in our lifetime and to be inherited by the coming generations.


Ketlhalefile Motshegwa 


Parliamentary candidate (Gaborone Bonnington South ).

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