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UDC carrying out public service audit

SHARE   |   Monday, 10 June 2019   |   By Moeti Mohwasa Udc Head Of Communications
Mohwasa Mohwasa

The Umbrella For Democratic Change is on the verge of assuming Government this year . This is a great chapter in the history of this Country as the people brace themselves for genuine economic liberation and independence. 

The UDC has unleashed the people ‘s manifesto which addresses the plight of Batswana and set to advance this Country to higher levels. Without proper public administration, this Manifesto will remain a mere and wishful document, hence the necessary and important need to assemble an appropriate layer of top public servants i.e Permanent Secretary To President , Permanent Secretaries , their Deputies , Directors , and other Heads of institutions and top officials . If this is not addressed , some of these people will be an impediment to the much needed change. They will resist change and thus  creating a situation whereby it will be like the old regime is still in power . By then , it must be clear that there is a new Government.There is need to embrace competence, excellence and meritocracy . A public service bordering on professionalism where ascendance to higher offices is premised on good performance. Some of the people holding these posts will have to be offloaded to pave way for bureaucracy that will resonate well with implementation of aspirations of the people to address social-economic predicaments engulfing this Country and its people . UDC needs a team of dedicated , creative and inspired top civil servants who will drive the agenda of the people towards prosperity . In the light of the above , UDC has commenced an audit of the current top civil servants to gauge who will be relevant in the new administration to deliver the expectations of Batswana and building of this Country . As a new Government, we will be revamping human resource models to bring modernity , and to instill productivity. This would be coupled with appropriate salary restructuring, betterment of conditions of service to boost employee morale and make conditions of service in public service more competitive.


Moeti Mohwasa

UDC Head of Communications

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