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To hell with 'lemmenyana' -Rari

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 18 June 2019   |   By Tobokani Rari (bosetu Secretary General)
Rari Rari

The points that we are raising on what the powers that be refer to as "nominal allowance" kana "lemmenyana" as it has been described this morning by the Ministry Officials, whether the said allowance is to compensate for carrying out sporting activities or any other duties, are quite clear, and we, as a union will not flinch about it, nor would we be apologetic. Our contention with this arrangement is that; - it is meant to replace the normal over time compensation model as stipulated in an act of parliament that regulates overtime payment, which in this case is the Employment Act. This means that the provisions of an Act of parliament is being waivered, set aside or violated. - the "nominal allowance" / "lemmenyana" compensates far less than what employees, in this case, the teachers, would get when compensated for overtime worked in accordance with provisions of the employment act. In reality, what this means is that the Ministry of Basic Education and BISA have reduced or gone below the bare minimum that has been set out by the law, which in our view is unlawful and cannot not be tolerated. - This is exploitative to teachers and very much unlawful in that the provisions of an existing legislation is being violated and less is being offered in place of what the law would compensate. - an allowance is a condition of service and therefore, it is recognized Trade Unions alone, according to the Trade Unions and Employer's Organisation Act and the Trade Dipute Act, which can negotiate such conditions of service as an allowance. In this case the "nominal allowance" or "lemmenyana" has not been negotiated by the employer and / usser Ministry and recognised trade unions, which is blatant disregard of the law. It is therefore on this basis that while we engage with the Ministry of Basic Education to liberate you comrades on this bondage of slavery exploitation, we appeal to you to assist in the struggle, individually and collectively, by refusing this glaring explotation by boycotting any activity that is being carried out under this compensation arrangement. The struggle to emancipate yourselves starts with yourselves, and it that which will give the union the power and the "locus standi" to act decisively on this matter

Tobokani Rari (BOSETU Secretary General)

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