My resignation from BCP

SHARE   |   Sunday, 01 March 2015   |   By Boitumelo Ntsima

Through this communique I announce termination of my membership from Botswana Congress Party with immediate effect. I want to be appreciative of the love and opportunity that Botswana congress party has offered me as a young and upcoming politician. I am fully aware of the believe and trust the party has placed in my abilities as it summoned me to serve as chairman of UBCD-BCP, University of Botswana minister of publicity,UBCD Political advisor, Gaborone central stall coordinator, Gaborone region youth league interim committee member,Gaborone  central council  candidate and various generic committees and assignments I undertook from time to time. The world is out there is my witness that i have unreservedly served the party even when the opposite looked ideally.

It’s undeniable that from the past few months the political landscape has tremendously evolved with the accompanying public jury that came about with general elections. It is undeniable that the ordinary Batswana like me who traverse different port and stations of this country, who brace the brutal consequences of poverty, unemployment, hunger, deprivation first hand are with each day venting  their anger and  blame to the opposition block for  failure to unite to end their miseries. While I still respect BCP stand  on  its policy submissions I have surrendered to carl Marx word that philosophers will only interprete the world, in various nice ways but great men   seek  to change it. I have as result joined men and women who have joined hands to effect change, I am now a fully registered member of Botswana National front. My defection should be seen as continuation of my efforts to see a united opposition unseating the moribund BDP ,this are the efforts I started in 2012 when I successfully advocated for tripartite collation of opposition parties in university of Botswana SRC as a chairman of UBCD-BCP and a liaison officer for three political parties involved. I would have hoped to join UDC under the BCP banner but my dreams have been shattered by systematic anti opposition unity hard line that is being instilled in rank and file of the movement by the powers be. It has of late come clear to even a fool that the upcoming   congress will be just another occasion to cement this anti cooperation semantics.
The unending echoing cry of men and women across this country for opposition unity are hard to ignore, and can’t be denied by simple  excuse of over perfection, white collar and self-praise politics of my former home. It has been my wish to oppose and remove the current suppressive regime not to oppose the opposition party and maintain status quo.It has become hard  for me to stomach the decree in which word consensus  is highly exaggerated and  manipulated to deprive innocent souls both inside and outside Botswana congress party change they are yearning for.I refuse now on behalf of my constituents in village ward(Gaborone central) to continue to be subjected to egoism political projects that have no utter respect for collective efforts towards their emancipation. Mine is just a simple act of responding to a national dream, It is a biblical story of Saul to Paul on the road to Damascus. I bring along committed battalion of young political minds, who also have selflessly choose to denounce what appeared to be promising political careers at the former to join the peoples revolution.


I am fully aware that where I am going they might be no roses as it is the case with where I am coming from and it is for these reason that I come with my pick and shovel to  join a united  front cultivating a better Botswana.


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