The supposition that UDC loves Khama is utterly false

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 17 September 2019   |   By Sennye Obuseng
Khama Khama Pressphoto

"There is no cohabitation. There are no contradictions. And nothing about the UDC says it has anchored its campaign on Khama. That’s your surmise and its wrong. The UDC’s campaign revolves around five thematic/Outcome areas: Governance and Human Rights; Economy and Jobs; Labour and Employment; Education and Human resource Development; and Health. And there is a reason for this. The UDC has fashioned its enemy, not as specific individuals or institutions, but the human condition in Botswana. That is why it is able to free itself from the unhealthy obsession with Khama that most of you have.

Now, is it not ironic that you say to UDC “You cannot despise the BDP and love the man who lorded over it for 20 years”. If you ask me. It is simple. We are all footnotes in history. You, me Khama and everybody else are just that, footnotes. Khama is history. The UDC has no political battles to fight with him but it has a mighty political battle to fight with the institution that made and sustained him. It exists and lords it over the nation under the leadership of Masisi. In any case, the supposition that UDC loves Khama is utterly false. The UDC respects his citizenship rights and will not be party to any attempts to turn him into a pariah. Nor will it, contrary to your assertion, try to sanitize him. He is not even a member of the UDC.


It is you, as a party, who have some serious explaining to do. When did you find that this man was bad for the country? Why did you extol his virtues for twenty years and give him the two most senior jobs in the government for twenty years? Why should he turn into a monster the moment he leaves you? Truth be told, you would rather he was with you. At least that is what President Masisi says. You have shown over twenty years that your principles are flexible enough for you to take the expedient path, including the wholesale betrayal of the oath of office by a series of cabinets over twenty years, if we are to believe that they just kept quite ba ntse ba bona gore go a senyega".

"The Khama who endorses UDC candidates is a powerless retiree who has no chance in hell of influencing the outlook of a UDC with an already defined programme and a full list of candidates, all 57! Khama cannot have a deplorable past independent of the institution that hoisted him on the nation and sustained him in office for ten years, not under pain of repression but through active salesmanship of the type that now says vote against Khama when he is not on the ballot. He cannot epitomise any deplorable past he is part of more than the institution that made and sustained him. As he himself would say, ha e le gore o leswe, ba a neng a busa nabo le bone ba leswe ka gore one a na le bone mo seretseng".


Economics is not bogus. Our democracy is not false. They, much like everything else socio-political, are both flawed though. What you are dealing with is the phenomenon of information asymmetry my friend, and cut throat politics. People are rational within the bounds of the information they have and their comprehension thereof. The less informed they are, the more they are vulnerable to manipulation by those who do not really care for them. And it gets worse. We are now in the era of massive disinformation, fake news and malicious manipulation. That is why, for instance, there is a concerted effort by informed people to convince voters that they should vote for party A rather than party B because one is close to Khama and the other is not.

If a voter believes that voting against Khama is the best course of action for himself, the fact that Khama is not on the ballot notwithstanding, then he is acting rationally within the limits of the information at his disposal and his comprehension. Useless candidates and useless parties win elections this way. Right now, there are people who are as well educated an informed as you and I who are working hard to convince voters (often less informed) not to vote for the candidates and parties whose offerings on service delivery, economy, jobs, education, and health make the most sense to them but rather for those who are oppositional to Khama, a powerless retiree, because he was that bad.


This vote against Khama thing is the most insidious from of political manipulation I have seen in this country. It’s a fraud, but it is a potential game changer. Indeed, some candidates and parties are pinning their hopes in this election on just that, not their ideas. LISTEN TO THIS. MANY PEOPLE ARE BEING URGED TO GO TO THE POLLS ON OCTOBER 23 TO PUNISH THOSE WHO ARE CLOSE TO KHAMA, AND MANY WILL DO THAT. That’s how lethal the combination of information asymmetry and ignorance can be. It can get you to buy kak!

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