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SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 March 2015   |   By Mpho Gasenne
Isaac Kgosi Isaac Kgosi

I read with mixed excitement, shock and dismay that there was recently a DIS facilities media tour. I am a confused fellow at this point in time. I am only sad that there was very little said about the actual contents of the DIS facilities tour. I would like to hear more, possibly because a lot was said before about the image and the face of the DIS.
I will also at this point in time want to give credit where it is due. The DIS must be given credit for arising to a national cry that it has to account for the tax payers’ money. The tax payers money used to fund and maintain the DIS should be accounted for. And when what comes across is that the monies are not used as the tax payer would have preferred, it is only befitting that a concern is expressed. My simple take is that the answer to such concerns which was long overdue was the DIS recent media tour. I have been worried as to why the DIS does not open up and let the nation have a simple peep and glimpse into its existence. As a tax payer, I am happy that such has been attained.
Congratulations are in order for you Isaac Kgosi and the rest of your team. Whoever gave you an idea to open up to the nation through a media tour did a marvellous job that deserves an applause.  A lot has been said about the operations of the DIS and like any other Motswana my concern has been the usage of my contribution to the public coffers through my little tax contribution. But yet I demand that more be shared with the tax payer about the recent media DIS facilities tour for it was also funded from my tax contribution.
The DIS facilities are government owned and funded through tax payers’ money. It is hence natural that I expect an explanation from the DIS about the use of public funds regarding the DIS facilities and operations. My happiness about the tour was diminished through a single moment browse when I only learnt that there was a DIS a media tour yet not one of those who attended cared to openly divulge the contents. All reported is that there was a tour and what is not being said is what was asked and what was answered at the tour. This is my point of contention.
Many questions arise here and amongst them is whether that what was being said at the tour is too positive to bring to public knowledge that it does not have to be brought to my attention as a tax payers. Well, I get again grumpy goose bumps that I miss the immediate balance of being told good when it does exist.
A typical example is that of the Kopong DIS facility which I leant to be a torture chamber. This matter was being said to be so serious that the chief of Kopong had indicated that he never gave DIS the land it is currently using. The matter centred on concerns that the DIS is using the land that it was never allocated. I hear that the land was allocated to the office of the president. Well, because I don’t have land, this matter caught my attention.  Shockingly it is also now being reported that the chief of Kopong has made it clear that the land being occupied was lawfully acquired. But I am also getting mixed feelings that he is happy about the DIS operations in his village. I demand further information.
There was yet another matter of the country’s seating president getting ready to unlawfully skip the country after the 2014 elections. Such a matter was a few weeks before the elections. This matter was about a tunnel supposedly built by the DIS to smuggle out the president out of the country through not gazetted points in the event that his party loose elections. It was clear that the whole matter was premised on the notion that the BDP will and shall loose the 2014 general elections. I am inclined to pursue this school of thought from because there was never a follow up story to same effect.
Many of these matters that I mention having been brought to the public eye about the DIS and its purpose of existence are worrisome. Because these matters are disturbing and thought provoking, allowing the media access to them as a fourth estate was essentially an eye opening. I am left with no choice but to applaud the DIS for opening up and answering the transparent. I am happy that the DIS media tour facilities will go a long way in having had the impact on the initial views and perceptions of the DIS failing to account. Of course, as a tax payer I am happy that such an interaction did take place. But I am also not happy that such contents of the DIS facilities media are not given same prominence as the sayings that provoked such a DIS facilities media tour.
But yet one cannot afford to not wonder why the DIS has been perceived to be this kind of a monster that it appears it is not. But when one such as me looking at the contents from the media DIS facilities tour content can only assume that the whole idea has never been to be honest but rather to present the DIS as a monster and not a saviour. Well, as a bonafide citizen and a tax payer, I become naturally unhappy.
There were yet so many stories needing clarification from the DIS that one would have hoped as I had anticipated to hear the answers posed to the DIS at the media tour. The questions to me were obvious as in my own small mind would have naturally centred on the allegations peddled against the DIS. One wonders whether the questions were not posed or that the questions were posed and only that those reporting opted not to mention them. I demand that the whole content of the DIS media facilities tour be made to us the tax payers. 

Yours truly,
Mrs. Mpho Gasenne
Mmopane, Gaborone

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