Please let Gomolemo Motswaledi rest in peace

SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 March 2015   |   By Gofitile Keotshwaetse
Please let Gomolemo Motswaledi rest in peace

Duma Boko and the entire UDC leadership must just come out in the open and confess to the nation that they have been economic with the truth. The continual use of Gomolemo Motswaledi’s unfortunate death as a foundation for UDC’s political hype is hurting to say the least. Let the man’s soul rest in peace.
It is utterly irresponsible for Duma Boko and the UDC leadership to continually revert to insinuating that Gomolemo Motswaledi was murdered every time they lack political hype tactics. In their recent publicity stunt, Duma Boko and the UDC leadership arranged a press conference to yet again seek radical presence.
I had initially enquired about the Gomolemo Motswaledi, way before elections and the BMD President, Ndaba Gaolathe lost his cool which has become his trade mark and opted to spit venom at me. He was to communicate to me through the media dictating that myself and many others who have contributed to Gomolemo Motswaledi’s enquiry should submit our deposit slips to the BMD so that we may be refunded. I still consider that to have been his worst public relations doing. I then assumed that he had simply skipped breakfast and was grumpy from such a natural hunger. 
The elections have passed and the UDC has managed to attain a considerable number of seats in the national assembly. Some argue that Gomolemo Motswaledi’s unfortunate death was used to campaign. This is perceived as electoral fraud. The UDC has done nothing to distance itself from this perception of electoral fraud. The UDC has continually refused to sensibly respond to questions regarding the Gomolemo Motswaledi  yet the UDC was quick to use this very unfortunate death of a hero as a fundraising exercise. The UDC decides to go on the attack mode every time they are being asked about the report. The responses of the leadership are equal to the street lunatics, there is no difference, yet one wants to lead the other.
The UDC must know that using someone’s death for whatever benefit is alien to Botswana and the world and hence we shall always react with shock at such stunts. It is an open secret that Duma Boko is a stunts man but one would have thought that he will reduce or let alone get rid of stunts as he assumed the leader of the opposition seat.
We all wish Duma Boko all the best in his leader of the opposition role but it is also becoming increasingly difficult to contemplate the thought that he is vying for a national presidential seat. His lack of tack and maturity continues to erode that which one would have thought the UDC will become: A government in waiting. Duma Boko continually behaves like a teenage boy seeking to impress young innocent girls in a quest to trick them to bed.
There is nothing wrong with Duma Boko and the entire UDC leadership just coming out in the open to let the nation know that what they thought happened has come out to be in contrary with the actual events surrounding Motswaledi’s death. It is very worrisome for me to be writing as I am about  Motswaledi, but this kind of writing which to some extend will be appear to be lack of respect for the deceased is unfortunately prompted by those who are supposed to preserve his great legacy. The UDC has erred and misleads a nation and the UDC must show maturity by appreciating self-error. This will to a large extend help repair the reputational damage.
Obviously the nation will really want and prefer to find closure. What is making it difficult to find closure on the Gomolemo Motswaledi’s unfortunate death is that it is clear that Duma Boko and the entire UDC leadership have opted to continually use Motswaledi’s death for political mileage. It is as if they are using the mention of Motswaledi’s death and the report to scare someone. It is as if this is some sort of a threat. Imagine a mature adult like me being told of satellite images to determine the actual events of someone’s death.  This is an old story that has lost relevance. Duma Boko and the entire UDC leadership must just confess that they over reacted when they leant of the unfortunate incident and misled the nation by insinuating that he was killed even before any post-mortem was done. Motswaledi needs to rest in peace, his family needs to move on and these public stunts are not helping.
Duma Boko and the entire UDC has found and opportunity in Gomolemo Motswaledi’s death and used it for political gains. The stunts have worked, seats have been attained. The UDC must get ready for the next elections for the people shall not once again vote the UDC simply because Gomolemo Motswaledi is late. The people shall demand a solid concrete organisation with clear cut plan for the nation. The people cannot be fooled forever. It is enough comrades.

Gofitile Keotshwaetse

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