SHARE   |   Monday, 28 October 2019   |   By *michael Dingake
Dingake Dingake
In the aftermath of 12 successive defeats by the BDP it is time for hardcore opposition ie those ideologically opposed to Domi to consider coalescing into one party instead of existing as independent entities. It will make organisational discipline more achievable. Coalitions may be commendable but have limited scope for strong cooperation.
Though I havent discussed it with my party, I feel emboldened to suggest that, it's more than 20 years since the BCP split from the BNF; the split was not on ideology but on personalities and since the key antagonists are out of the way reconcilition should be possible. We have tried coalition and discovered its pros and cons! We need a reassesment. We ought to be more mature politicians after the experience we have gathered. We have also come to learn there are many who embrace democratic socialism.
The growing antagonism against corruption isnt an ill-wind towards socialist democracy! Streamlining a model towards a new beginning will of course be accompanied by hardwork among cardres, instilling selfconfidence in individual .comrades and deliberate and systematic grooming of party political leaders.
There's a scarry heroworshipping of names to paralyse minds of political activists. This cultivates dependency syndrome in politics, something undesirable. Our religiosity shouldnt equate to idolatry! I know I have the right to raise these matters at conferences but these exclude majority unaffiliated countrymen/women.
Let's get talking, 58 years of one party rule is a situation of emergency wich calls for urgent and drastic action. Ready to engage or pay the price for my derringdo! Democracy implies alternation of government, doesnt it? What we have resembles an undeclared dictatorship not different from military dictatorship!

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