BNFYL condemns BDP’s arrogance

SHARE   |   Sunday, 06 July 2014   |   By Arafat Kitso Khan

Things fall apart for the BDP. The beginning of an end for the BDP has finally arrived BNFYL wishes to condemn the BDP's arrogant decision to shun and boycott political debates to be aired on GABZ FM instead the corrupt BDP justifies its unpalatable decision by a flimsy excuse with no basis, As the BNFYL, we are of the view that the decision is intended to shield their President Ian Kgama's incapacity to engage and debate with other presidential candidates nation has been denied an opportunity to witness participatory democracy and dialogue in practice. It is disheartening for voters to be expected to trust the BDP with state-power if continues to shun political debates on private media. The BDP's decision has all the hallmarks of arrogance and anti-private media tendencies.

It is so because the BDP feels comfortable only to debate on stage-managed and pre-determined forums such as state propaganda machinery (BTV and). This is disturbing to say the least wonder how does President Kgama represent Botswana's interests in international forums if he is threatened by debating with Duma Boko and Saleshando in Gabz fm. Is Kgama and BDP a scarecrow?

Lastly, the BNF YL wishes to remind the BDP that its sustained intolerance to political debates on private media is a clear indication that the ruling party leadership fears engagements and excludes independent minded journalists like Reginald Richardson who will preside over the debates BDP has once again exposed its facade that behind its arrogance and multi-million pula general election campaign lies a fragile and fearful party which is not open to dialogue and debate with other political players like the main character "Okonkwo" of the famous novel "Things Fall Apart” the corrupt BDP's arrogance will soon catch up with it

Yours in struggle

BNF youth league
Secretary General