OP denies reckless spending

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 December 2019   |   By Andrew O. Sesinyi
Andrew O. Sesinyi Andrew O. Sesinyi

The Office of the President is aware of a seemingly sponsored post on social media alleging that the Government had spent frivolously on hotel accommodation for Members of Parliament since the general election.

The public is informed that, since the Parliamentary Village that ought to accommodate Members of Parliament is currently under renovation following the departure of the former tenants, the National Assembly had no option but to house the newly elected legislature at a hotel in Gaborone. Since the MPs were accommodated together with their spouses, as it is their entitlement under their Conditions of Service, the hotel accommodation could not be revoked when the MPs retreated to Kasane for the one week orientation.

The departure processes of the former MP tenants at the Parliamentary Village, coupled with personal circumstances that are common to vacating residential premises, contributed to the delay in carrying out renovations in time for the newly elected MPs to take up residence at the Village. Currently, the MPs are in the process of vacating the hotel to occupy the temporary accommodation arranged by the National Assembly pending the completion of renovations at the Parliamentary Village.

The Office of the President further regards as absurd, allegations of astronomical expenditure relating to official travel by His Excellency the President since any such expenditure is a product of accountable budgetary processes.  The allegations about plans for the construction of a new State House are equally false and preposterous.


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