The wealth of our country should benefit all

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 March 2015   |   By Gibson Matenge

We would like to salute fellow Citizens with their honest assessment of our wealth status in our country and their ability to tell us the truth without fear or favour. Our Country has become a sad story to tell to our children and grandchildren, as patriots we never understood why a country with so much potential can be allowed to relegate the majority of its citizens to the periphery of its economic activities and many of us remaining spectators thus far without noticing that “enough is enough” Fellow citizens we will not have the ability to account for our inaction either in heaven or hell. Most of our citizens have surrendered their soul and energy to almighty God and sadly the other option is handouts with the hope that one day their turn will come then they will eat as well. Theirs is a far fetch dream because they will die very poor and by extension their relatives will follow the same path that is why today fellow citizens the question is simple Botswana as a country is wealthy, sadly a few citizens are very wealthy whether stolen or properly acquired is not the discussion for now. Our contention is simple if our wealth belong to all of us how come most of our fellow citizens find a day too long to be still alive. These sad reality call for our urgent attention as citizens of this country and take full responsibility to transfer this economic emancipation to all our people now without fear or favour. Botswana of today will not afford inaction any more and all of us as a collective shall take full responsibility to make sure our people enjoy the fruit of this economy as some of us do because this country belong to all of us and it is our responsibility to deliver this economic empowerment urgently to all our people without fail.

We would like to unpack some challenges and problems that contributed to our sad position as a country and the remedies that we should follow as a nation to unlock these great opportunities that fellow Citizens have mentioned and our experience as business leaders or people across Africa.


1. How conscious are we as a nation that the resources we have are good enough to make our two million people have a good life and create endless opportunities for our people.

2. To answer the question above do we have a master plan for economic
emancipation that is owned by all our people if it is there, why is that plan not effective and if there are obstacles why are we not attending to them and move the country forward.


3. Appointment to key positions have been a challenge since independence, do we appoint people because they have displayed exceptional skills and talents or appointments reasons are best known to appointing authority only disregarding the economic emancipation master plan therefore this is one source of our many challenges, if people have no idea on what target to achieve or what to do, then how do we expect our master plan to be executed.

4. Our attitudes towards fellow citizens is a serious problem, this is one area were we need a national dialogue, our efforts should be directed towards this problem it is time to advise our people in every position that by making life unbearable for other citizens we are closing many opportunities for our people and a prosperous Botswana, creativity will never be defeated by any human tactics nor matter what it takes.


5. Self believe or Self actualization is key to any success be in Public Sector or Private Sector. Our people should know that if you lack self confidence it does not matter whether you are in a powerful position or not, the problem will remain, you will never deliver any required results and the best possible solution is to ask for help, this is not a sign of weakness but a good signal for strength.

6. Falls impression is poisonous to prosperity our people should know that be something else in order to impress kills any opportunity for prosperity for our nation and the country. The time is now for people to be who they are, do things that add value to the society they live with and be prepared to assist to move this country forward.


7. Honesty, Trustworthy and Integrity is paramount to prosperity; any society that enjoys this wisdom has achieved a lot in terms of human development and equitable wealth distribution.

8. Our country should understand the types of businesses that generate a lot of revenue and a lot of focus should be geared towards that area and these opportunities should be reserved for citizens especially indigenous this will unlock powerful middle class society that will stand any kind of economic challenge.


 9. Businesses such as Distribution, Takeaways, Second hand Motor Vehicles business, Clothing business, Liquor Outlets, Saloons Cleaning Services, Security Services etc should be strictly reserved for Citizens especially Indigenous the results are clear for all to see more capital will be spent in Botswana only not anywhere else this is one area that can revolutionize the economic emancipation of our people.

10. Beneficiation is a must for our everyday activities it should become our second national anthem walk the talk and eventually it will create endless opportunities in all sectors, it will surpass our expectations and create more wealth for our people.


11. Creativity should be fundamental to all activities that drive all our everyday actions, we should allow people to dream big and earn big these are the trends all over the world and we need to follow the same trend, eventually the road will lead us to a galvanized wealth creation activity.

12. Business people should never be treated lightly especially our Locals these are men and women who took brave decisions to start businesses and some of them have prevailed in the toughest conditions and they persevered and created wealth what ever amount they have accumulated this is a sign of prosperity we need to turn a corner for them as a country for them to reach the skies.


13. Foreign Businesses should be allowed to do business with locals especially those involved in major projects because some of them are funded  locally therefore it is prudent for locals also to bite the cherry this will take this country miles and miles ahead in capacity building being skills and economic benefits.

14. Foreign Businesses should be in position to give back to the community were they do business especially economic benefits, handouts with little  or no economic benefits is tantamount to perpetuation of endless poverty.


15. Public Enterprises should be strategically positioned to deliver the required results to its customers mainly those customers who are entrepreneurs by so doing they will be delivering real jobs and wealth creation to our people.  

16. Botswana Development Corporation should serve all those entrepreneurs who want to do business with the world. Those distinguished business people should have demonstrated the ability to do business anywhere in the world and the capacity to create massive wealth for themselves and the people of our country. In addition they should be able to see opportunities that are viable were others will not so that the resources used should bring tangible results. We are advocating for this route because we know that some of our business people are doing business in Africa and the world.


17. National Development Bank should serve only entrepreneurs in Agricultural Sector our argument is simple if agriculture has massive opportunities we need an agric bank that facilitates, mentor and do business with these entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Our banks should understand that by dedicating their time on these entrepreneurs they are unearthing massive potential for the economy and also creating a massive clientele base for many years to come.

18. Citizen Entrepreneur Development Agency should serve entrepreneurs in retail, service, manufacturing, transport, catering, education, energy, etc this will simplify their scope and client base. CEDA should also learn the different types of business models, skills and talents that are found in these entrepreneurs work with them for the benefit of this country. Many entrepreneurs are never assisted by CEDA especially those who require guarantees because they are taken on a tedious route of applying for a loan even if CEDA could have partnered with those companies to secure their guarantees and more revenues would have been earned, these are good examples were economic opportunities are lost in processes that could have been avoided.


19. Public Enterprises if well managed can bring a lot of value chain to this economy and what we need do to as nation is to change our mindset wealth was never created for the privileged alone, all of us have a share in our country’s wealth we need to demand answer to those we deployed in this positions of responsibilities and giving up is not an option, while others are in a paradise of wealth in our country, a collective action is needed as a matter of urgency because these wealth belong to all of us.

20. We have discussed a number of pertinent issues that confronts many of our people everyday the time is now to turn the tide, Botswana of today, tomorrow will not afford economic disparity, our collective action is paramount, the legacy for this country rest with us the time is now to make a difference.


We hope our contribution shall inform our fellow citizens about the reality of their country and numerous opportunities that awaits them if we work as a collective.

Gibson Matenge
Billionaire Consortium.

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