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Thusang Butale Secretary General Thusang Butale Secretary General

The 3rd of May is a significant day in the BFTU annual calendar as it marks yet another important day to remember and pay tribute to members of the fourth estate. BFTU joins the world to honour men and women who are the communication medium between the government and the people and continue to risk their lives in pursuit of the truth.

World Press Freedom Day gives us time to reflect on the freedom of the press and professionalism. GLOBALLY, we have seen and followed reports of journalists who have been arrested, tortured and killed on duty in an attempt to share with the rest of the world injustices, grave violations of human rights and criminal activities.


Today we salute these frontline workers and encourage them to continue writing; reporting and posting news Journalists must be independent, professional and must be allowed to do their work without political and commercial influence. Their work has been made more significant and hard during the pandemic.

In Botswana, we have recently observed an improved level of press freedom but we still maintain that an improvement does not mean that we must relax in advocating for better working environment for the press. We urge Botswana Media and Allied Workers Union to remain vigilant in the struggle for protection of press rights in Botswana.


We also urge the Government of Botswana to put in place laws that will ensure total protection of freedom of press in Botswana is enhanced in law and in practice.

Finally, we urge all journalists to be professional and ethical in carrying out their profession. This will give credibility to the profession and promote general confidence in the work of the fourth estate.


Aluta continua.

Viva Press Freedom


Long live BFTU

Solidarity Forever.



Thusang Butale

Secretary General

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