SHARE   |   Thursday, 07 May 2020   |   By Ricardo Kanono

The Umbrella For Democratic Change would like to thank and applaud the great performance by the combined opposition members of parliament. 


The MPs were professional, focused and serious in articulating the issues of the people. Their submissions were people centered and laced with solutions.  They identified challenges affecting society and brought policy alternatives as solutions. 

It is clear that the BDP has dismally failed the people and this Country. COVID-19 has exposed fragility of our economy as too depended on economies of other countries. This is clear testimony of the failure of this Party after nearly six (6) decades in power .They are good at making empty promises without practical action to fulfil their promises. Batswana should be conscious and cautious enough to avoid being deceived by BDP rhetoric which does not offer practical solutions to their poor living conditions.  

The UDC will through its MPs, working with other opposition MPs, continue to articulate issues as contained in the UDC manifesto for meaningful socio-economic and political development of this Country. We will assist Batswana particularly the youth, women, the poor, the unemployed, the working class , people with disabilities , the informal sector and Small Micro Medium Enterprises . 

Press Release distributed by UDC Communications. For any inquiries please contact Moeti Mohwasa +26 77 302 1911 

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