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SHARE   |   Wednesday, 22 July 2020   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Musician A.T.I Musician A.T.I

My man, I understand the pain boiling within this guy. I get it and I can feel it... Many people may link it to drugs gone rampage or whatever but this guy's soul is endowed in a pit full of truth and Reality. His eyes cry not for self but humanity something rare in today's generation where selfishness and the spirit of 'as for me I am ok' dictates and rules the response of people against injustice...

Botswana is not yet ready to demonstrate their position against injustice. Bootlicking and fear reigns in our citizens... Ga e kake ya re ba palelwa, kana ke re 're' palelwa ke go bua kgathanong le tsamaiso ya kgatalelo a bo re ka Ema re re ka demonstrator by means of violence or what A. T. Is movement may demand... The least our country can do is to shout we are behind you whereas their cold hearts are hiding under mediocrity and fear...


Moreover, I don't know whether the spirit of being silenced by small small alcohol and gifts during the Era of the protectorate has influenced the bigger masses of today where the mere wording 'ke ya rona le Bana ba rona' and small fat cakes during rallies and t shirts silences our voice against injustice which we see and face during the times of government.

Go botlhoko when you know you got CONTENT and you have to as well penetrate through the hard soil of a corrupt government to establish your craft whereas the rich and their kids just flow fluent in the domain of success... I don't want and wouldn't desire to see A.T.I breaching a clear law which costs him jail time and or death at the extreme... then they flock at his funeral and a day or two days, concern in social media arises which later fades in the air of time and later forgotten... That's how our people are like...


You see, I desire we had responsive people but in a country so fearful and supposedly 'moral' abiding as ours as one of my constitutional law lectures ,Mr Gunda used to say ' re tletse korobela hela' nothing as radicalism would ever surface...

If you are not a Hustler my brother , if you have never felt the pain in a way, please don't conclude on the guys state of mind, it really exposes how ignorant you are and it overly makes you look like a cold bootlicker... I am not politically affiliated but FACTS HAVE NO FEELINGS!


I just wish A. T. I follows procedure, either he joins a party or starts one and does the normal way of campaigning and wait for the only RESPONSIVE thing in our country where decision has to be taken at the VOTING Poll... That's when our people can respond and can try to physically assist..

A. T. I can continue with how he deems fit and he saw it but I pray he does things wisely. Mine is just a heartfelt advice to an artist as rare as him and one mightily gifted. I am the Next Version.


Much Love

Godknows Bofelo Theko


Student at the University of Botswana and part time minister of the word

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