Moswaane must stop preying on voters' emotions

SHARE   |   Friday, 07 August 2020   |   By Phenyo Segokgo
Moswaane Moswaane

Immediately after forming the BMD in 2010, I picked that there were some Bakaulengwe who were not in the Movement for the collective sacrifice and interest of our struggle but their own personal and selfish interest. I oftenly shared this with fellow MK’s and within a short period their true colours were perceptible for the public to see.

They were simply using the Movement to threaten the BDP and in return bargain for positions when they retrace their steps back to domkrag. Some did not defect with us but just used the Movement to negotiate for positions. We know a couple of them who are in Cabinet some were in the previous Cabinet. This is what Moswaane is trying to play and the BDP have experience in the game that’s why they are ignoring him. He will be left in the cold. I read a story 2weeks back that the BPF is expecting 10 members of parliament and a week back the story changed and we are told they pitchpoled and stayed at the BDP. My simple advice to Rre Butale is move on comrade, they are simply using BPF to bargain for Cabinet positions wena tswella le your recruitment drive and forget about them. One thing I picked about President Masisi is that he reads Machiavellian methods,mastered and implements them with precision,he’s Janus-faced and he’ll deal with them in a swift way they’ll be thrown into political oblivion. Le botse Kgosi-Kgolo Khama o tla le ribamela mo... They have only 2 choices; to join the opposition ranks or risk being dislodged at primary elections.


Hon.Moswaane must make his decision now and stop chastising the Authorities to buy public sympathy. Batswana are now smart and political shrewd you cannot fool them anymore. The 2019 campaign scam was the last one no politician will ever fool them again infact they are now ready to stone anyone who promise them lies. They read news,they do comparative political analysis,they research about economic arithmetics and they have all the time to do that we can’t fool them anymore.

Hon. Moswaane, an unemployed young man in Monarch voted for you to advocate for his rights in parliament,he understood you very well that you have unlimited access to the President and you can pass his grievances anytime..jaanong ga go lela wena ware ene areng. A teacher in Gerald is waiting for you to tell him about his impending promised 6% not a hoax petition you did to bargain for Cabinet position. A hawker in Somerset want answers on the promised unlicensed business operation that the President announced yet council authorities demolish her mokhukhu wa airtime everyday. You castigate the same system that you vote in parley by passing laws and comrade stop taking people of Ftown West for’s either you ditch the party and join opposition ranks and advocate for their welfare freely than ranting yet you in the same system and you vote for the same system every parliamentary sitting...take a clear stand.


It’s high time we politicians take our people with the seriousness they day people will storm our offices to demand answers or even our homes...we are now leading an intelligent,angry and hungry society ba tsile gore betsa...tsaya tshwetso Honourable Moswaane...

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