Examine Khama, BPF closely

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 02 September 2020   |   By Thaelo Karume
BPF Patron, Khama BPF Patron, Khama

Tiego Mpho Good morning son of the Panhadle, I hope and pray that you are in good health.

I pray you find time and mental health to address the arguments and postulates I am going to raise in relation to your defence of your alliances and or partnerships with the BPF in general and the former Stalinist figure in the form and shape of Ian Khama Seretse Khama In particular.


First things first, I shall depart from the premise of the ideological and philosophical direction and inclinations, practices and values of a National Democratic Movement such as you claim to espouse:

a) What is the character and nature of the National Democratic Revolution that you seek to establish to replace the pro-imperialist and pro-capitalist BDP?


b) In examining the character and composition of a vanguard revolutionary moment such as the UDC claims to be, who of the different classes that constitute its making are:

a) Its vanguard elements or segments? That is to say it's most refined cohort, who are not only articulate and well vest with the dictates and rhythm of the movement, the traditions of the movement, the direction of the movement, who are its think tank if you will?


c) In examining the composition of the National Democratic Revolution, who constitute



i) progressive forces, the tried and tested, the kind that have matured through thorough political education and socialization of not only the noble mission and cause of the revolution but also are rock solid on its philosophical and ideological underpinnings and foundations?

That is, the deeply entrenched and rock solid in protecting and advancing the revolutionary cause without developing cold feet nor turn left nor right.


ii) Who I say in your movement constitute this cohort? Does the BPF and its former dictatorial apparatus in the shape of Ian Khama Seretse Khama congruent and complaint if you like with the true attributes of a true National Democratic Dispensation as espoused by the hotch porch formation called the UDC? Or conversely of any movement that truly espouses and not only espouses but charts and walks tall on the path of a new dispensation? Does his aristocratic extraction and tribal hegemony not an anathema to the revolutionary character of your movement, the very epitome of tyranny the country had ever known since its birth in 1966!

The Bolshevik revolution of 1917 annihilated Niccolous the second and all his retinue for they were the harbingers of stagnation, corruption and tyranny, the Botswana revolution wines and dines with such elements who in the no distant past were sworn enemies! Hypocrites!


The September Movement of Fedel Castro, Raul Castro, Earnesto Chenguevara and 80 other progressive revolution cadres did not spare Batista but subjected him to a firering squad together with his henchman and retinue, the National Democratic Revolution in Botswana under the nomenclature UDC somersaults, changes colours like a serpent and embraces the very ipitome of bad governance, extra-judicial killings, corruption on a collosal scale just on account of his perceived popularity, popularity that he built through patronage, and some other unorthodox practices, and to the myopic he is celebrated as Mmadinotshe! My foot!

d) Class Analysis.


what is the class analysis of your movement, examining closely the motives and circumstances behind the formation of the BPF and those of its patron( anger, disgrantlement, supremacist tendencies, entitlement) would you consider such traits and attributes to be in tandem with the true nature and attributes of a true National Democratic Dispensation wena Thomas Ookeditse, Cde ET Christian, Olathile Thatayotlhe, Brink Ramoleele, Dals TieTieDals, Crocodile Herbert Kwenaetsile, Matlaps KT, Douglas K Mokenane ne wena monna Kenny Kapinga.


Your understanding of the character and nature of a National Democratic Movement wena monna Tiego Jordan Mpho is sadly compromised if not severely handicapped inspite of your prestigious station as minister of political education, recruitment and selection at BCP and UDC by extension.

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