Comrade Ramadeluka Seretse is finished

SHARE   |   Sunday, 10 May 2015   |   By Mogopodi Lenyeletse
Seretse Seretse

If one was asked me to show him an a political mauled and unwanted man trying hard to be recognised, to be visible, an un-wanted man trying hard to belong, I will show him Ramadeluka Dikgakgamatso Seretse. I have never in my growing up neither in my adult life come across such a human being. He is a human being so malodorous to those he wish to represent yet seemingly unaware or in denial.


With a strong Botswana National Front background where he grew up before joining the Botswana Democratic Party where he found temporary asylum, Ramadeluka is finally witnessing political conflagration from the party that needed him then and detest him now. He finally joined his political rejection route in the immediate past BDP primary elections where he was defeated to shame by Kgotla Autlwetse for the Member of Parliament position in Serowe.

Being a personal of unquestionable royal blood one would have thought, as he probably assumed that whatever position he wished for in his royal backyard was a birth right. He learnt it the hard way that unlike other royals, such was never and will never be a given in his life as he was treated like a canaille. The BDP faithful are yet unerringly scheming to do away with the last remaining vestiges of his public presence. It is clear they are going to extirpate his political career for good, to finish him off without any mercy. His only exit to save his politically thin skinned life is to simply exit the playing field. You don’t in any platform of political dispensation let your appearance to be that of forcing yourself down the throats of the electorates. Unfortunately Ramadeluka is doing just that.


Those who prophesied that he will ascend to the Vice Presidency of the state after the retirement of Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe will agree with me that the BDP made no attempt to ensure such becomes a reality. Had the BDP wanted him as the Vice President, a lot of effort will have been exerted in convincing Kgotla Autlwetse not to contest but it was never to be the case. Rather they threw a political typhoon at his wishes which even his Nigerian prayer mates failed to evaporate. When a man is wanted it is easy to tell; it is as the case of Tshekedi Khama giving way for Mokgweetsi Masisi and the many public declaration and unwavering support given by party recognisible loyalists.

Ramadeluka has been running helter-skelter to secure votes for the BDP chairmanship in the upcoming July congress. We have all witnessed the turns and twists of the BDP chairmanship race. We have all witnessed strange entrances of unfamiliar faces to the ordinary though familiar to the BDP activists. It was more like the race was between Ramadeluka, Tebelelo Seretse and Tshekedi Khama. The decision by Tshekedi Khama not to contest this election was followed by a declaration by the Vice President of Botswana Mr. Mokgweetsi Masisi, which he has now reconsidered his initial decision of not contesting but will now contest. How does Tshekedi step down and Ramadeluka contest against Masisi. Ramadeluka is fighting an already lost battle. He is wasting his farm time.


Who will want to deny that it was going to be strange for Masisi not to contest? Those who prophesy him as a transitional state president to pave way for Tshekedi Khama are probably right. The same happened during the time of Sir Ketumile Masire and Mr. Festus Mogae who held the fort for President Khama. Any serious party with intentions of retaining state power will do that.

Those who also insist that the BDP needs Mokgweetsi Masisi to strengthen its support base in the southern part of the country are also making sense. Those who say the BDP has been for a long time concentrated in the north part of the country needs a nod. No one will deny that the Barata Phathi faction of the BDP have always in closed circles cried foul that the BDP leadership and that of the country was too much in the hands of the north. For this particular reason the candidacy of Ramadeluka Seretse is nothing but spoiling the near gains of the balancing of power and a possible stability in the BDP. He must just bow out now in style and with little dignity he has. The BDP will not allow him to derail a rebuilding plan.


Those who say Mokgweetsi Masisi will appoint Tshekedi Khama as Vice President of the country once he takes over the state presidency are not far-fetched. This is what the BDP wants and if it’s what the BDP wants then the BDP must get. Ramadeluka is trying hard to deny the BDP what it wants. His BNF blood is boiling at the highest of temperatures only to his self-destruction.

When Ramadeluka is finished at the BDP central committee elections, his political career will be gone with the wind. He will not get an opportunity to protest the results as he did at the immediate past BDP primary elections where he was humiliated twice in a row. He will then have two options, to be the captious politician who keeps attacking BDP members in the media such as those who the BDP threw out like vomit for they did not belong or he will have to peacefully retire to his farm. The BDP and Ramadeluka are like oil and water, they just don’t mix and his royal standing seems more a curse than a blessing. Maybe comrade Ramadeluka should just go back to the Botswana National Front where he belongs. He seems more the types of Gabriel Kanjabanga who no matter how much rejected by the party faithful will keep wailing back to attain more humiliation.


No matter how sanctimonious Ramadeluka may want to present his campaign, it is over with him. Comrade Ramadeluka should just give up the battle. He has already lost the battle field. The BDP is up for Mokgweetsi Masisi and it is in the light and open that such is not a secret. Those who have already publicly lend their weight behind Mokgweetsi Masisi have also openly stated that the chairman position of the party belongs to the state vice presidency. They have shown loyalty and respect for Mokgweetsi Masisi as a party senior than Ramadeluka. In noting that Masisi should lead the party as second hand in command of the party president General Khama, just as it is the same arrangement at the Government, supporters of Mokgweetsi Masisi were simply presenting Ramadeluka as obliquity. Comrade Ramadeluka should just give up, his political career died in miscarriage.

Mogopodi Lenyeletse
BDP Activist - Serowe

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