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SHARE   |   Sunday, 10 May 2015   |   By Leak Mallet Seboko

Over the week end the Botswana Movement for Democracy held elections for the Youth League, second elections of the league since the formation of the party in 2010. Towards the run up of the congress emotions were high, compatriots and MK’s were very vocal, hopeful, determined and focused in their campaigns with others having given out their manifesto for the elections. Elections have come and gone; some of us were fortunate enough to attend the congress, appreciated the situation on the ground and felt the mood of the congress at Mochudi. Controversial, mixed up, tense and highly polarized congress I must say it was.
Congratulations to the MK’s who were elected to lead the Movement, it is our sincere hope and believe that they will bring unity, order, sanity, progress and certainly new ideas to the structure that seemed to have lost reputation and relevance in the eyes of other party members. We must however challenge the newly elected League to display a high sense of maturity, integrity and discipline by engaging their pro-congress supporters to desist from mocking, insulting and making fun of those who had shown interest to run for the youth league elections, Ours is a fight against the opponents of the movement not fellow MK’s within the movement. We are on the same team, none of us can afford to seat on the sidelines and no one can afford to be ridiculed over having democratic desire in their hearts and their dreams. The behavior by some MK’s to attack and torment others over the recent outcome of the elections is highly unacceptable and is very divisive, it does not build anyone or anything and I doubt it is what the newly elected league stands for.
On the other hand, we are fully aware of the fact that there was no competition at the said league congress, not because there were no people willing to stand up and run against the newly elected team but because they pulled out of the race on the eleventh hour. A team of highly principled and dedicated MK’s pulled out of the race at the eleventh hour because they had valid reasons which no reasonable MK could dispute. For those reasons the newly elected League ran unopposed and hence they are what they are today. Our message and reminder to the MK’s who pulled out of the race, is that right now is not the time to lose hope, it is not the time to lose focus, it is time to have sober mind, hearts and consciences’ as always. Remain committed, hopeful and support the party even more.
Lastly let me conclude by saying this is a party for all, let no one feel entitled to it more than any other person because we are all members of it and we are into this together.
Leak Mallet Seboko
2015/2016 UBSRC
Minister of Information & Publicity

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