Sefalana aggressive

SHARE   |   Sunday, 21 June 2015   |   By Kabelo Adamson

• pursues new options
• Rebrands, launches A-stra

With the already saturated Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG) market, Sefalana Holding Company intends to leverage off the market and aims to grow into other opportunities such as industries, motors and property.
Group Financial Director, Mohamed Osman, said during the company’s unveiling of the company’s transformation plans on Tuesday that as much as they would like to hold a considerable market share in FMCG, they will however not open new stores just for the sake of opening.
He said the group had imagined opening about four stores per year to reach 70 stores locally but have since reconsidered the ambition and making it subject to availability of opportunities.
Sefalana, one of the companies with the most diversified portfolios at the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), operates three hyper stores 25 cash and carry stores as well as 18 supermarkets which have been known as Shoppers which under the new transformation process will be rebranded to Sefalana Shopper.
In addition to participating in FMCG, Sefalana also operates in the industries category under which it runs Foods Botswana, the producers of Tsabana (infants’ food) and Malutu. It also has a stake in the motor industry with Commercial Motors and Mechanised Farming under the sector. Another portfolio under the Sefalana Group is property. The group’s properties are held by Meybeernick Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sefalana.
It is this growth and expansion of Sefalana Group over the years which Osman said has resulted in a somewhat fragmented identity within the group umbrella, hence the need to consolidate the group assets into distinctiveness.
The group, a native company established about 40 years ago is undergoing transformation which Osman described as ‘refreshment’ rather than overhauling as the company has been existence for more than four decades.
First, the company has introduced a new logo as well as new tagline -“Your basket of opportunities” - which is said to be a reflection of the benefits and intent of the Sefalana Group in actively seeking out new opportunities for all stakeholders and adding value to the lives of the locals.
“Sefalana is very proud of its roots and identity and has taken this move with strategic consideration and respect for its heritage. Sefalana is excited to bring fresh look, cohesion and new energy to its organisation,” Osman said.
The company new logo, which contains the icons for the sorghum, corn and wheat grains, Osman explained, reflects Sefalana’s roots in basic foodstuffs and essentially retains and reinforces the heritage of the group as ‘the Bountiful Granary’.
Explaining the rationale of the logo, Osman said the light blue colour found on the logo recognises Sefalana’s roots as a truly Botswana company, with the majority of its shares in the hands of the Batswana.
The dark blue he said symbolises the precious commodity of water and the life it sustains whereas the colour orange represents the African sun that nurtures life and brings forth the warmth, happiness and optimism.
Besides new logos and taglines, the company is also launching its in house brand known as A-stra. The group intends to produce some of the products in the FMCG category having purchased ownership of Delta Dairies Company.


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