KitsoWorks bridges digital divide

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KitsoWorks bridges digital divide

Botswana Innovation in collaboration with other stakeholders such as Microsoft Innovation Hub (MIC), Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and Careerpool have established a portal that will help youth have better access to employment opportunities.
The portal is known as KitsoWorks and will provide youth access to courses through the internet and mobile phone to develop their professional skills and boost employment. The same platform is equipped with a job search function, mentoring and social and professional networking.
Speaking on Friday during the KitsoWorks stakeholder engagement, MIC Manager, Patel Barwabatsile said KitsoWorks offers a wide range of services such as entrepreneurship, personalized experience and best in class content partnership.
According to Barwabatsile, KitsoWorks is a localized version of the Global Microsoft YouthSpark platform whose role is to facilitate support and training of young unemployed ICT graduates within the private sector.
The primary role of the programme is to tackle unemployment among job seekers by giving them a platform where they can submit their qualifications online and database where they can be viewed by potential employers.
The eventual aim of the programme according to its proponents is to bridge digital divide, boost the country’s digital economy and address youth unemployment within the ICT sector.
Barwabatsile said the programme leverages the knowledge, expertise and creativity of industry players and facilitate technology transfer to build the country’s innovation ecosystem that addresses the country’s socio economic challenges, including youth unemployment. The initiative is further seen as a yardstick for the country’s future in terms of positioning for economic development and knowledge based economy.
The KitsoWorks which is a pilot project looks to aggregate all employment and employability initiatives that are available for the youth and graduates with the prupose of providing a one-stop-shop with access to all available opportunities.

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