Samsung enhances offerings

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 01 March 2016   |   By Kabelo Adamson
The world's largest TV by Samsung The world's largest TV by Samsung

The world’s leader in electronics and technologies Samsung used its Africa Forum in Monaco last week to unveil leading technologies that are well suited to the African environment. KABELO ADAMSON attended the Forum. 

Samsung Electronics has shown commitment and protraction on its innovation trail by introducing new innovative products which are expected to transform people’s lives to the simplest level, say company officials. The South Korea-based company showcased its new product line-up for 2016 during its annual Samsung Africa Forum event which was held recently in a microstate of Monaco. The 2016 event was held under the theme ‘One Beat: Rise Above’. The event’s main purpose is to introduce the company’s new products to the media and retail customers before they arrive in the market.

The one-day event, which was intended to showcase Samsung products and also those tailor made to suit the African conditions, was attended by among others the newly appointed Samsung Electronics Africa CEO and president, Yoo Young Kim. This year’s Forum highlighted three new innovative products that are due in the market this year – Samsung Top Mounted Freezer, Addwash Front Load Washer and the new sophisticated television, the SUHD television. The Addwash Front Load Washer has been designed to make the washing experience easy and convenient for people. This new product’s main feature is its ability to allow the user to add more laundry during mid-cycle.

According to Africa Regional Manager for Digital Appliances, Sunil Gupta, the latest washer reflects Samsung’s commitment to infusing refined style, thoughtful innovations and unmatched performance in everything the company does. The machine has a distinctive door that makes it convenient for the user to add more items that may have been left behind during the initial loading. One does not have to open the main washer door to add more items. The new Samsung Addwash washing machine has been infused with the company’s core technologies. These are The SuperSpeed cycle enabled by the SpeedSpray technology, which shoots out jet sprays of water, so detergent gets rinsed quickly and cleans clothes faster. The water sprays then shower the laundry with clean water, which is drained away simultaneously.

Another technology infused in the washer is the ecobubble technology which pre-mixes detergent with air and water, and then fills every inch of the drum with bubbles that penetrate the fabric 40 times faster than the normal mix of water and soap. This is not an ordinary washing machine and Samsung has gone an extra mile to make life easier for the machine users having been equipped it with an array of smart functions which works fine with both Android and iOS smartphones that not only makes it easy to monitor the progress of the laundry programme, but also offers the option to alert users on their smartphone just before the start of a new washing cycle.

Samsung also unveiled its spectacular SUHD television, which offers unparalleled picture quality with quantum dot display; the world’s first bezel-less curved design which is beautiful from every angle and the smartest user experience that makes it easy for consumers to access all their entertainment content in one place. Samsung Africa Regional Product Manager for Visual Display, Corrie Labuschagne, said the SUHD TVs represent their singular focus on innovation that matters most to consumers by providing the very best picture quality for the home. The TV, Lubuschagne said, is an indication that Samsung is moving forward by introducing innovative ideas that have been seen before.

“In 2016, we’re going beyond anything we’ve done before to offer a remarkable synergy of design, engineering and craftsmanship,” he explained about the smart TV which enables users to access all their content and services, including TV programmes and movies all in one place. The Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs features the world’s only cadmium-free, 10-bit Quantum dot display, offering the most true-to-life picture quality, with stunning brightness, exceptional contrast and the most lifelike colours ever offered by Samsung. The SUHD TV comes with the new Ultra Black technology which also significantly reduces light reflection, further enhancing picture quality with minimal glare. To target the African market, Samsung has also introduced the new Africa special TV made specifically for the African continent.

The TV offers three unique features; firstly, an All Care protection against irregular and high voltage, lightning, humidity damage and damage caused by dust, insects and viruses. The second feature is the Cleanview which will detect the source quality and remove broadcast interference, reduce digital noise and enhances color and contrast for the clearest possible video. Third is the Sound Mirroring feature which enables one to wirelessly connect with the mobile phone to transform the TV into a music station. Labuschagne said the introduction of this TV set is to address the unique local needs for Africa and to offer the best in picture quality, best in cinematic sound and a television that will withstand the harsh African climate.

The other Samsung product that will make entrance into the market this year is the Samsung RT7000 TMF refrigerator. This refrigerator furnished with the Twin Cooling Plus technology is one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century. The cooling system allows turning the freezer into a fridge when required. The refrigerator has five modes that it can be changed to depending on one’s needs; these are Freezer-Fridge, Energy Saving, Vacation, Fridge Max, and "At Samsung, we focus on creating appliances that help consumers be more efficient. Now consumers can keep food fresher longer, with Samsung’s innovative Twin Cooling Plus™ technology Mini mode,” Gupta said about the refrigerator.

When welcoming the guests during the Forum, Samsung Electronics CEO and president, Africa office, Yoo Young Kim said Africa is a large continent with diverse needs. He promised that Samsung will meet those diverse demands which are mostly characterised by geographical discrepancies. Kim said Africa remains a very important market for Samsung Electronics and therefore, they will put more focus on giving the continent more choice on products and to enhance living. For his part, Samsung Africa Director-Business Operations, Andre De Meyer, said their aim is to form more collaboration in the continent which will be used to give back to the community. He said it is important to use the brand to give back to the community in areas of education, employment, health and green environment.