PPADB educates Batswana on tendering process 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
PPADB Staff interacting with the public to educate them on the tendering process PPADB Staff interacting with the public to educate them on the tendering process

The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) hosted an Open Day on Friday to educate locals about PPADB and on ways to participate in government tenders. PPADB Public Relations Manager Ditapole Tsheboeng said they come up with a plan to raise public awareness every year to educate people about their mandate. She said they don’t want a situation where people do not know what to do in order to access tenders.  According to Tsheboeng, as PPADB they have been given a mandate to register contractors, and as such it is important for people to understand all the processes involved with public procurement. “We check anything at compliance stage, and ensure that people do not evade tax, that is why we have DCEC and competition authority as part of our stakeholders,” she said. She said the DCEC that makes sure that they see to it that they follow procedure as PPADB.

She said they do not have any agreement with consultants to take money from people to register companies for them because they can guide people free of charge to do all those processes. “People should know that we have the online system that shows every step of the way what needs to be done, and we want to do away with the manual process of registering to curb corruption,” she said. She said many small business owners are not even aware that they can register all their small companies for tendering of supply of merchandise and ornaments to the government. 

Applications Developer Otlaathusa Ramasimong demonstrated the online registering online process which appeared very easy since all that someone has to do is fill in the online forms and also attach what needs to be attached. One of the stall owners at the Gaborone Main Mall where the open day was held, Gosego Tsietsi, was happy that the process was not complicated. “I once paid a lot of money for someone to help. He first demanded P900, from there P450 and even up to now my business was never registered with PPADB,” she said. Tsietsi said she is very motivated and will make sure that she approaches PPADB to complete her registration.